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Hi, I’m a end user of your product and I’ve called you guys a couple times in the past with problems with my system.. Now with that being said, my experience the past two days was so horrible!!! Yesterday I called about my token reader was not unlocking the Eletric strike on the south side of my building, so I called and the guy that I spoke Told me to update my system and try again, so I did and it still wasn’t working. So then we reinstated the readers and it started to work for about 15 min then stopped so the guy said that the reader might be faulty and Paxton will send out another one. Ok. So I reset the system and got it to work for the time being. Now today, now today I had the same problem with the south side reader. So I gave you guys a call again and spoke to this lady and told her the problem I was having and I did speak to someone yesterday.... well whoever I spoke to did not log the call and two wasn’t supposed to walk me threw the reinstate presses. So now I’m arguing with this lady about my problem and she keeps on saying it’s a wiring issue. I used to install your product and I’m quite versed in it. Long story short I had to tell the lady I wanted to reset the readers and start from scratch witch she was so adamant that the issue was the wiring. With that being said I stock new Hess strikes, so I wired one in direct my to the net2 and lone behold it still didn’t work. So it wasn’t the wiring. Now after going back and forth with this lady she finally told me to power down the system and add a jumper in between ( green led and the bottom terminal). And guess what?? After I did the jumper and removed the jumper it worked. God only knows if anybody’s going to read this. Lol. But with running a door and access system in the past. (15yrs) I never talked to a support team that was so adamant about wiring or trying to have a tech come out to fix something that could of been done over the phone. Please feel free to contact me 484-401-4460. Also I will be calling after the holiday weekend to speak with a manager about this issue.


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