Requirements for shops and stores can vary significantly and a flexible solution is often required. Our solutions can offer an efficient means of managing building access whilst also ensuring stock, equipment and people are appropriately protected.

  • Simple public access with restricted areas for staff and management
  • Secure stock and business assets
  • Automatically lock doors when the shop is closed

Customer feedback

We are still discovering the possibilities of Net2, there have been so many benefits. I know exactly who has what access and generally I feel safer.

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How Paxton helps secure retail buildings

Managing your building

Our user-friendly systems make it straightforward for you to manage your building. Within a retail environment, you can benefit from many features including:

Setting access rights

Depending on which solution you choose, access permissions can be managed remotely from a smart device or browser, from a PC or locally at each door. Our solutions can help you manage your site with a range of access permissions.

  • Free smart credentials – allow staff and authorised visitors to gain access using their smartphone or smartwatch, utilising secure Bluetooth technology (Paxton10 only)
  • Temporary access – provide employees with short-term contracts with a token that has a time restriction
  • Wireless door handles – a great way to quickly secure single or multiple doors such as stock rooms and staff areas
  • Multi-tenant / Multi-site – great for stores or shopping centres with more than one retail business. Restrict individual shops to only administer tokens for their shop and the main store entrance
  • Straightforward card/token management – simply cancel a lost card/token without needing to change locks

Automated security settings

Additional automation possibilities support the smooth running of your building, saving you time and allowing you to gain more from your system.

  • Timezones – enable doors to lock and unlock automatically during specified times, such as store opening. These times can be updated quickly and easily from the software to reflect changing requirements, for example during bank holidays
  • Roll call – the system administrator can obtain a report listing all users currently within a specified area. This is used in the event of an emergency, such as a fire alarm, when it can be used to check that everyone is out of the building
  • Motion detection – monitor specific zones via surveillance cameras to trigger video capture when movement is detected (Paxton10 only)

Integrating the system

Integrating with other systems can make your site more streamlined and secure.

  • Intruder alarm – control your intruder and access systems as one across different areas of your building and minimise false alarms
  • Fire alarm – program your fire doors to automatically open in the event of an emergency
  • CCTV – link footage to specific access events in our software
  • Lift control – utilising I/O boards the system can be configured to control access into lifts and to individual floors (Net2 only)