Transport buildings have a wide range of requirements to manage access in and around their sites whilst ensuring the safety of employees, customers and assets. Our systems can create varied user-friendly solutions to support a range of needs.

  • Restrict access to higher security areas
  • Centrally managed, multi-site management
  • Enable free movement across public areas

Customer feedback

The airport wanted a simple and secure management system that was more easily scalable. Net2 suited perfectly.

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How Paxton helps secure travel facilities

Managing your building

Our solutions create user-friendly systems which make it straightforward for you to manage your buildings.

  • Customised dashboards – Create bespoke dashboards to suit any user requirements (Paxton10 only)
  • Timesheet – use readers to capture when employees clock in or out to help with managing different shift patterns and payroll (Net2 only)
  • Energy saving – manage site utilities such as lighting and heating, to automatically power off when the site, or area, is empty (Net2 only)
  • Card designer – personalise cards with a photo and any user information like their name and job title for easy visual verification
  • Remote access – manage your system using an app or browser from any mobile and smart device
  • Manage multiple sites on a single system – only one server is required for up to 1000 doors and 1000 surveillance cameras (Paxton10 only)

Setting access rights

Depending on which solution you choose, access permissions can be managed remotely from a smart device or browser, from a PC or locally at each door. Our solutions can help you manage your site with a range of access permissions.

  • User permissions – distinguish between public and restricted areas across a site with different access levels depending on user requirement, for example, maintenance and office areas
  • Dual authentication – doors can be set to require a token plus PIN/ biometric for more sensitive areas
  • Emergency lockdown – secure a site quickly at the touch of a button in the event of an emergency (Net2 only)
  • Free smart credentials – allow users and visitors to gain access using their smartphone or smartwatch, utilising secure Bluetooth technology (Paxton10 only)

Automated security settings

Automation allows you to run your building efficiently, gaining more from your system by making it easier to associate an action to an individual, or a group of people.

  • Temporary access – allow contract workers to gain access to the premises within a set period of time using auto expiry on cards
  • Custom days/events – doors can be set to lock and unlock during specified times, which can be updated quickly and easily from the software to reflect changing requirements.
  • Roll call – can be automatically generated in the event of a fire alarm to identify who is safe in the event of an emergency
  • Real time notifications – receive event and access notifications in real-time, wherever you are
  • Motion detection – monitor specific zones via surveillance cameras to trigger video capture when movement is detected (Paxton10 only)

Integrating the system

Integrating with other systems can make your building more streamlined and secure.

  • Intruder alarm – control your intruder and access systems as one across different areas of your building and minimise false alarms
  • Fire alarm – program your fire doors to automatically open in the event of an emergency
  • CCTV – link footage to specific access events in our software
  • Cost saving – to ensure utilities switch off at a specific time or our systems can be set up to recognise when a facility isn’t being used making sure empty buildings aren’t wasting energy (Net2 only)