Application Notes
Sales Code: 125-201-EX

Wiegand Activation Card with Genuine HID Technology™

About – HID™ is activated via an activation card, purchased separately. The cards are available with either 1, 5 or 10 activations. The activation card will enable HID™ Prox® 125 kHz functionality on any compatible reader it is presented to which will still retain the capability to read Paxton and EM tokens.

For Wiegand activation, only a single card needs to be purchased as this will allow you to toggle the Wiegand functionality at the reader.

Please note: Activation of Wiegand will result in only HID™ Wiegand tokens being read. As there is no defined Wiegand format for Hitag2 (Paxton) and EM tokens, we are unable to apply the logical rules needed for these tokens to be read. With HID™ Wiegand enabled, Hitag2 (Paxton) tokens and EM tokens will no longer be read by the reader. Switching/Toggling HID™ Wiegand off again will allow Paxton and EM tokens to be read again.

Application Notes