Net2 Provides a Scalable Solution for Multi-Site Manufacturer

CORMETECH, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, develop environmental catalysts and technologies that reduce emissions from industrial processes.


Recore Electrical Contractors Inc., who specialise in construction management, lighting, power and automation, were contracted by CORMETECH to update and reconfigure their existing security system at their head office facility in Charlotte, NC.

Nathanael Smith, IT Manager at Recore suggested that the best solution would be an entirely new security system, and recommended Paxton’s Net2 to meet the client’s needs. Nathanael said: “CORMETECH originally requested an update to their existing system, but after we demonstrated the advanced functionality of Net2 access control and the simple, intuitive software, they were excited to have a completely new solution.”


 When we demonstrated the advanced functionality of Net2 access control and the simple, intuitive software, Cormetech were excited to have a completely new

– Nathanael Smith, Recore Electrical Contractors Inc



Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any site straightforward. Once CORMETECH understood the potential of Net2, they also decided to update the access control system at their Kings Mountain, NC facility, and merge the two user databases to provide a more substantial infrastructure on one centrally managed system.

The internal and external doors of both sites are secured using Net2 plus controllers, to ensure only authorised personnel can access the relevant areas of each site. The Net2 system, which secures 58 doors across the two facilities, has significantly improved the access management at CORMETECH, whilst providing a simple interface from which the system administrators can easily manage both sites, as well as employee and visitor access.

CORMETECH has made use of the simple user management features of the Net2 software, including the creation of specific departments, areas and time zones to help control the flow of people across both sites, without the need to update access permissions individually for each user, saving time.


The new Net2 system has improved CORMETECH’s security at both their Charlotte and Kings Mountain premises, as well as a further two manufacturing facilities. The centrally managed system offers full control of all four sites with a single user database and future-proofed infrastructure.

Net2 is a scalable solution which means the system can grow with the business, supporting plans to manage and secure CORMETECH’s facility in Durham, and their new building currently in renovation in Blacksburg. Nathanael Smith says: “Once we have successfully installed Net2 on all of the CORMETECH sites across North Carolina, we will support them to introduce the advanced features of the Net2 Pro software. This will include emergency evacuation support with roll call and mustering and emergency lockdown, as well as sending automatic notifications to the system managers when unauthorised access is attempted.

We are also in discussions with the system administrators about the potential integration options available with Net2. We plan to introduce biometric readers into CORMETECH’s security system to provide an additional layer of security, and CCTV integration to improve site surveillance in combination with their access events.”


Type of site

  • Industrial Manufacturing



  • North Carolina, USA


Number of sites/doors

  • 4 sites
  • 36 doors


Solution required

  • Improved and upgraded access control system
  • Centrally managed
  • Scalable, multi-site solution



  • Flexible, scalable system with significant growth opportunity
  • Simple access management
  • Tailored access rights for users and areas


Paxton products used

  • Net2 Pro Software
  • Net2 Plus Controllers
  • Net2 IO Boards
  • KP75 Proximity Keypads
  • P38 Proximity Readers with Genuine HID
  • Net2 Entry VR Panels
  • Net2 Entry Monitors