Rush Fitness

National Gym Chain Combat PIN Sharing with Biometrics and Net2 Access Control

Rush Fitness are a modern gym that offers 24/7 access to their members, in a variety of locations across the UK. Providing an abundance of state of the art equipment, dedicated teams of fitness professionals, and a wide range of exercise classes, Rush Fitness are dedicated to giving their members the best fitness experience possible.

As a 24 hour-a-day facility, it is important that gym members are able to access the site at all hours – however this makes it more difficult for the management to monitor exactly who is using the gym.


Rush Fitness required an updated security solution that could monitor access to the site, and ensure that only official members were granted entry. Vistec Systems, based in West Sussex, recommended Paxton’s Net2 access control system, integrated with ievo ultimate biometric readers, to combat PIN sharing issues between members and non-members. Net2 is a flexible and user friendly networked access control system that allows users to manage systems all from one central platform, making administration simple and straightforward.

To allow members to enrol and manage their memberships themselves, Rush Fitness requested that Vistec install biometric enrolment kiosks to compliment the new Net2 system.


The biometric system, supported by Paxton’s Net2 software, offers extremely secure and hassle free access into gym & club facilities. This low cost & simple alternative is the perfect answer for the leisure industry.

– Jon Hardaker, Vistec Systems


Net2 software


The new solution requires biometric authentication before access to the gym is granted. Paxton’s Net2 software, integrated with the ievo ultimate readers, reduced Vistec’s installation time on site and simplified the system setup, reducing disruption to Rush Fitness and their customers.

Due to the nature of the biometric data, the new solution will prevent any non-members from accessing the site, increasing both the security – and legitimacy – for genuine members.

The enrolment kiosks were also implemented to allow members to register their fingerprints against their membership records, gain instant entry to the gym facilities and entry to the site via the security portals into the gym itself. The self-enrolment system makes new member registration, and membership management for existing members, simpler and more streamlined for both staff and members.


Since the installation has been operational at the Uxbridge facility, Rush Fitness reports that membership records have risen to the highest they have ever been. Both staff and members quickly adapted to using the biometric fingerprint readers, and management have noted that incidents of non-members gaining access to the site have been significantly reduced.


Type of site

  • Health & Leisure facility



  • Uxbridge, UK


Number of doors

  • 500 users


Solution required

  • Prevent members sharing access credentials
  • Self-enrolment system for members



  • Biometric security solution to combat PIN sharing
  • Prevent non-members gaining access to site
  • Simple system easily adopted by staff and members


Paxton products used

  • Net2 software



  • ievo ultimate™ biometric readers