Our 5-year guarantee

We are committed to helping our installers and our customers by being straightforward to work with. This is why our products are guaranteed for five years.

Why we are doing it

The return rates of our products have always been low and our records show a continuing improvement in recent years. For several years we have been replacing products out of warranty where we have thought it likely that a manufacturing fault has caused the problem. We thought it would be good to formalise this benefit and offer it to all our customers. Our customers include our distributors and customers who have bought our products from our distributors.

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Equipment that is guaranteed

All current product lines made by Paxton Access will benefit from a warranty against electronic failure. This guarantee will be for a period of five years from the date that the particular product is manufactured. This is subject to the equipment being installed in accordance with the instructions and used appropriately in suitable conditions.

All products supplied by Paxton Access that are subject to mechanical wear will be guaranteed against mechanical failure that is due to an inherent manufacturing defect. This is subject to the equipment being installed in accordance with the instructions and used appropriately in suitable conditions. It is also limited by the maximum number of operations for any item of equipment where this is specified.


  • Proximity keyfobs have a lifetime guarantee against failure in normal use.
  • All Paxton10 servers come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty, covered by Paxton.


All Paxton10 products are covered by Paxton’s 5-year guarantee unless otherwise stated.

Damage caused to equipment during installation or by fire or lightning, wilful damage, inappropriate electrical loading and misuse are examples of things that are not covered by the above guarantee.

An example of inappropriate use is: Proximity cards are designed to be carried in a cardholder, wallet or purse or in some other way that will not expose the cards to continuous flexing. Mechanical failure of the wires will result. Proximity keyfobs should be used in these cases – for example for storing in trouser pockets.

An example of a maximum number of operations is the head of a CARDLOCK magnetic stripe reader which is rated for 1,000,000 swipes. This would be the limit of the guarantee period.

Details of the guarantee

Paxton Access will repair, replace or recondition at its option any of the equipment that is guaranteed. As an alternative (which will usually be reserved for customers outside the UK) Paxton Access will have the option of providing a credit for the cost of the equipment.


Unless some other arrangement has been confirmed by Paxton Access in writing, the guarantee is subject to the equipment being returned suitably packaged to Paxton Access for testing. A note should be enclosed explaining the fault and giving a name and telephone number of a person who understands the fault found with the equipment. The 5-year guarantee applies to products bought after 1 January 2000.

Limits to Paxton Access’ Liability

Paxton Access does not accept liability for any consequential losses due to the failure of any item of equipment. Paxton Access’ maximum liability for the failure of any item of equipment will be the purchase price the customer has paid for the equipment. This does not exclude any statutory obligation.

Consequential loss

We confirm that Paxton Access will not accept liability for any consequential loss due to the failure of its equipment or services. The warranty is limited to the value of the equipment as stated above.