Net2 Training - For dealers new to Paxton

Sign up for a free, one-day training workshop on Paxton’s simple access control systems.

This workshop is for anyone that's new to Paxton or hasn't taken Paxton training within the past two years and will include everything you need to know to install and configure the Net2 hardware, and the day to day use of the system with the latest updates.

Please note: Paxton training is open to
security installation companies only

Materials, equipment, and refreshments are provided.
BICSI Continued Education Credits
We can accept max. 3 delegates from the same company per session.
04.24.2019Van Nuys, CA
04.30.2019Houston, TX
 04.30.2019Roanoke, VA
05.07.2019Charlotte, NC
05.07.2019Omaha, NE
05.09.2019Gaithersburg, MD
05.14.2019Denver, CO
05.14.2019Memphis, TN
05.21.2019Orlando, FL
 05.21.2019Orange, CA
05.29.2019Charlotte, NC
05.29.2019Bloomington, MN
06.04.2019Nashville, TN
06.04.2019Harrisburg, PA
06.06.2019Bensalem, PA
06.11.2019Mobile, AL
06.11.2019Garden City, NY
06.18.2019Brookfield, WI
06.18.2019Raleigh, NC
06.25.2019Greenville, SC
06.25.2019Austell, GA




Ready to Get Started with Net2 Access Control

100% of installers trained would like to attend another of our training workshops.

100% of installers trained felt they were ready to install a Net2 system.

95% of installers trained said they found the course very good! (5% said it was good).

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