Paxton Installer oktober 2019


Hierbij de oktober-editie van onze ‘Paxton Installer’. Maandelijks brengen wij u via deze nieuwsbrief op de hoogte van alle nieuwe ontwikkelingen en events.

  • Integreer uw brandmeldinstallatie met het Net2 toegangscontrole systeem
  • Deze maand in de spotlight: De Proximity energiebesparende lezer
  • Entry deurintercom systeem erkend door Secured by Design!
  • Net2 v6.01 service release 2 is vanaf nu beschikbaar
  • Getest met Net2: Honeywell luminAXS lezer
  • Nieuw: Standalone Brochure
  • Osec Exclusive


Overzicht verzonden nieuwsbrieven

Paxton Lends a Hand in Moulsecoomb Primary School Gardens

Brighton,  UK – 1st October 2019


Brighton technology company Paxton lent a helping hand in the gardens of Moulsecoomb Primary School and it was such a success a team will be returning each month.

As part of Paxton’s commitment to giving back to its local community, the team spent their lunchbreak tending to the school’s world and environment gardens. The work included digging, clearing out the chicken coop, pruning and picking a huge number of plums which were used for the school’s harvest festival.

School Governor, Warren Carter, said: “Our award-winning school grounds are a fantastic space for children to learn and play. We have orchards, chickens, vegetable gardens and our roundhouses where we teach pupils from across the city the pre-history curriculum. But with school budget cuts these would be impossible to maintain without the fantastic support from companies like Paxton, who in just one hour gave our environment and world gardens a complete make-over!”

Paxton Project and Events Manager, Kate Hotson, said: “We strive to be a good neighbour and supporting our local community is hugely important to us. Working outdoors in the fresh air is also great for our employees’ wellbeing. A lot of upkeep is needed to keep the school gardens in good shape and we’re really pleased we’ll be going back regularly.”

Paxton, which is based in Home Farm Road, designs and manufactures market-leading security systems.


New Paxton10 system revealed as roadshow gets underway

Brighton,  UK – 17th September 2019


Paxton’s next generation access control and video management solution was revealed to a roomful of security professionals, as the Paxton10 roadshow got off to an exciting start. Installers saw a range of new products including ultra-high definition Paxton10 cameras – a first for Paxton.
The roadshow is travelling across the UK over the next four weeks to preview Paxton10, the company’s most powerful system yet, which will be launched in November.

The first event took place at The Amex stadium, Brighton. Attendees were the first to hear a keynote speech, have one-to-one demos with the Paxton team, get hands-on with the kit, have an exclusive look at the product guide and sign up for training.

The roadshow impressed installers, who gave some glowing *feedback.

Craig Lovett, from Prestige Security Solutions, said: “I’ll most definitely recommend Paxton10. Like with all Paxton products, the user interface is simple, it’s plug-and-play and it looks good. This event is very much like an Apple keynote.”

His colleague Shane Langlois agreed: “This has been very professionally put together. I like the freshness of Paxton and the direction the company is moving in. With Paxton products, we’ve got confidence the end user is going to be comfortable using it. We’ve got a lot of Net2 sites that would work with an upgrade. Integration is what people want now but it can be complicated. This is simple but powerful.”

Paxton CEO Adam Stroud said: “It was great to be able to share details of our new system with such a wide range of installers. Paxton10 was designed with the feedback we’ve received from them and I can’t wait for the full product launch in November.”

A keynote speech by Adam, and CSO Gareth O’Hara, explained how Paxton10 uses the latest technology to combine access events and video footage in one place, simplifying site management and security. It was developed to meet the growing need for both access control and video to be managed via a single platform. Adam shared results of a recent Paxton survey, that showed of 1,406 sites fitted with its Net2 access control system, 936 had video surveillance, yet only 62 of these sites integrated the two.

He said: “Installers have told us the complexity of installing two separate systems has been a barrier to integration. We believe good technology should make things simpler, not more complicated. Paxton10 means you only need to install one system, not two. Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do.”

Other Paxton10 benefits include:
• Only a small number of components required
• Supports remote access and multi-site management, as well as the use of Bluetooth smart credentials
• In-built customer training with integrated tutorial videos
• Simple upgrade path from Net2
• No license fees and free upgrades for life

The roadshow will be taking place at premium venues across the UK until October 10th. Attendees will also receive a free essential installer kit and have the chance to take part in a virtual reality racing event with big prizes.

Spaces are limited so a £45 refundable deposit is required to secure your ticket.

*We spoke to several installers at the Brighton roadshow. More feedback is below:

Marcus Chipman, Thomas Locksmiths: “The event was definitely worth coming to. I like Paxton because of the ease of use. As an installer, I like things to be easy.”

Richard Burbidge, Avita: “The day has been superb so far. I’ve already got a specific job in mind for a client who wants video, and this will work well. I’m very impressed.”

James Culmer, Securafit: “It’s a really good event, great quality and typical of Paxton. The product has been very well explained and all my questions have been answered.”

Michael Boardman, Aldridge: “Simplicity of use comes to mind. I can see how having access control and video on one system is a benefit. The event has been very slick, very professional.”

Lee Whiting, Omiga Fire & Security: “The event was definitely worth attending. The set-up is really good, particularly the demo area. All my questions have been answered and I’ll definitely use Paxton10. The cameras look really good, too.”

Jordan Matthews, Rhodes Security, said: “Today has been a great introduction. You’ve gone over everything really well and I’ve got a nice insight. The pricing of the product is good, and we’ve already got lots of thoughts about quotes. The pricing is already on par with Net2, so if they want additional features, we may as well go with Paxton10.”

Ian Spurgeon, Securafit: “Paxton10 looks like a good product. I’ve got a few ideas of where we could use it, and there’s one site I’ve worked on recently I wish I’d had it on!”


Paxton Lite Trainingstour 2019

“Word een gecertificeerde toegangscontrole installateur!”
In oktober gaat de Paxton Lite Trainingstour weer van start. Op verschillende locaties in Nederland, België en Luxemburg geven wij gratis hands-on toegangscontrole trainingen.

Tijdens deze trainingstour ontvangt u bij deelname gratis de unieke Paxton bluetooth pols speaker. Klinkt dat niet als muziek in uw oren?
En onder alle deelnemers van de Paxton Lite Trainingstour verloten we één BOSCH GML20 bouwradio t.w.v. €185,99!
Voor meer informatie, data, locaties of om u in te schrijven:

Meer informatie

Paxton10 Roadshows Start This Week – Ten Reasons to Attend

Brighton, UK – 9th September 2019

Paxton’s brand new Paxton10 Roadshow starts this week, with the first of nine events across the UK from 12th September to 10th October.
Those at the interactive roadshows will be the first to hear about Paxton10, the next generation of access control and video management on a single platform.


Here are 10 more reasons to attend the Paxton10 Roadshow:

  • Be among the first in the world to see the new system
  • Get an exclusive look at Paxton’s new range of cameras
  • Find out about Paxton10 smart credentials
  • Get hands-on with the kit
  • Hear an exclusive keynote presentation with CEO Adam Stroud and CSO Gareth O’Hara
  • Take part in an exciting virtual reality racing event with big prizes to be won
  • Meet the team of Paxton experts – over 25 of the team will be on hand to answer questions
  • Collect your free installer kit worth £60 – free to all attendees
  • Relax and network with free food and refreshments
  • Paxton are coming to you – nine premium locations across the UK, including Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, Manchester, Mercedes Benz World, Weybridge, and BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh


Gareth O’Hara, CSO, said: “Combining Paxton10 cameras, smart credentials and feature-rich software with remote access and multi-site management, Paxton10 is our most powerful system.

“We’re incredibly excited about the roadshows and can’t wait to meet installers in person to show them what we’ve been working on. We look forward to seeing you there.”


Spaces are limited so a £45 refundable deposit is required to secure your ticket.#


Get your ticket



Top 10 Reasons to Attend the

Be among the first in the world to see the new system

Exclusive look at new range of cameras

Find out about Paxton10 smart credentials

Get hands-on with the kit

Exclusive keynote presentation with our CEO, Adam Stroud, & CSO, Gareth O’Hara

Virtual reality racing event with big prizes to be won

One day out – secure years of business

Free essential installer kit worth £60

Food and refreshments

Nine premium locations

Paxton Installer augustus 2019


Hierbij de augustus-editie van onze ‘Paxton Installer’. Maandelijks brengen wij u via deze nieuwsbrief op de hoogte van alle nieuwe ontwikkelingen en events.

  • Paxton Lite Trainingstour 2019
  • De handige actieknoppen van onze Premium en Audio binnenpost
  • Net2 v6.01 Service Release 1 is vanaf nu beschikbaar.
  • Deze maand in de spotlight: Het Paxton Proximity Keypad. 
  • En zijn we in september te vinden op ELEKTRO 2019 & ADI Expo België.


Overzicht verzonden nieuwsbrieven

Net2 v6.01 Service Release 1 is vanaf nu beschikbaar


De nieuwste Net2 software update, v6.01 Service Release 1, is nu beschikbaar om te downloaden. In deze service release zijn er verbeteringen aangebracht aan de Net2 software, Paxton Connect Admin app en de Net2Online webbased cliënt. Voor meer informatie of om de nieuwste versie te downloaden: 


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How Installers Helped Shape Paxton10, a New Access Control & Video Management System

Brighton,  UK – 16 August 2019

Paxton10, Paxton’s new, integrated single-platform system, is being launched later this year. It combines access control, video, smart credentials, feature-rich software and, for the first time, Paxton10 cameras, to offer customers something they’ve never seen before.

The launch follows a period of in-depth research, development and engagement with installers.

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Chief Sales Officer, said: “Paxton10 was designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, utilising the latest technology to deliver powerful features, including the first ever camera from Paxton.

“Anyone who has dealt with Paxton knows we take feedback very seriously. It plays such an important part in product development and has helped shape Paxton10, our most powerful, most complete system to date.”

Paxton released its first version of Paxton10 in September 2015, when it was fitted across a range of different sites with different needs.

Gareth said: “Since then we’ve been working closely with installers. We’ve incorporated lots of their feedback and I can say we’ve achieved the original vision of Paxton10 and a lot more. We’ll be offering customers something they’ve never seen before.”

Other changes made as a result of customer feedback is compatibility with Paxton’s key systems – PaxLock Pro, wireless door handles, and Entry, its door entry solution.


Some other exciting features include:

  • Feature-rich video management software
  • Use a smartphone or smart watch as an access token
  • Paxton10 cameras make system set-up simple
  • Third-party IP cameras also supported
  • Free iOS and Android apps to support remote site management and site access


Gareth said: “Our installers have told us they’re very excited about the direction we were going in with Paxton10, particularly with the new technology. And people really understand the need for a unified platform in the mid-market.”

This need is based on figures that show access control and video make up two-thirds of the security market – but only one in 10 sites actually integrate the two systems.

Gareth said: “People are becoming more demanding of their technology. They want a single point of management, rather than disparate systems, and they want to view and manage things on a hand-held device.

“New technology allows us to achieve these things but, as a manufacturer, we have a responsibility to make our technology as accessible and as simple as possible. We’re incredibly excited about the launch of Paxton10 and can’t wait to show customers what we’ve been working on.”

Be among the first in the world to hear about the next generation of Paxton10.

Paxton will be showcasing Paxton10 during a series of roadshows this autumn.

Our conversations* with installers have told us they want to see new innovations in the industry in a location close to home or work. This is why we’re taking Paxton10 to them and will be visiting nine prestigious venues across the UK from 12th September to 10th October.


The fun and interactive roadshows will include:

  • New product demos and previews
  • A keynote presentation with CEO Adam Stroud and CSO Gareth O’Hara
  • Virtual reality motor racing with big prizes, including a £2,500 holiday voucher
  • A free essential installer kit, worth £60
  • Free food and refreshments


Spaces are limited so a £45 refundable deposit is required to secure your ticket.


Book now


*Insight taken from our customer research survey carried out in 2018.


Designed by Installers, Created by Paxton – Technology Company Launches New Global Website

Brighton, UK – 17 July 2019

Paxton has launched a new global website, with exciting new features and pages, all based on installer feedback.
Created to be a one-stop-shop for everything needed to install, sell and work with Paxton systems, the site has a modern design, easy navigation and improved content and search facilities.
It’s now simple to see solutions for a range of markets, browse real-life installations, watch tutorial videos and quickly sign up for the latest free training on the go.
Other features include:
• New information-rich product pages, with videos, case studies, instructions and brochures
• An installer resource area for everything you need to fit & quote Paxton
• A handy image download hub to help installers marketing to customers
• News from around the globe
• Improved career and jobs section for those looking to join the Paxton team
Paxton Global Marketing Manager Katie Millis-Ward said: “We’re so proud of our new website and would like to thank those installers who engaged with us – your insights really helped shape the final design.
“The website is simple to use and navigate but contains a huge amount of valuable information to support installers. We believe having these resources available in one place will make our systems easier to sell, fit and use and will ultimately create an even better user-experience for customers.”