How to rank with Installer Points

Becoming a Paxton registered installer offers a range of benefits, including the opportunity to generate new sales leads. You can also collect loyalty points from products purchased, which can be redeemed later against a selection of useful tools and vouchers.

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Your unique Installer Key and password for our Extranet will be sent to you via email. Once registered you will need to submit 50 points to activate your account.


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Collecting points

On the box of every eligible Paxton product you purchase, you will find Loyalty ID printed on the barcode sticker. The Loyalty ID should then be uploaded to the ‘Register Installer Points’ section of the Paxton Extranet, to redeem the points. Your accumulated points can then be used to claim a variety of useful tools. The points are worth saving, every 10 points collected equates to £1 when spending on rewards in the scheme.
Eligible Paxton products

  • Net2 plus controller – 25 points
  • Net2 I/O board – 25 points
  • Entry – Control Unit – 25 points
  • Entry Audio Monitor – 10 points
  • Entry Monitor – 15 points
  • Entry Premium monitor – 25 points
  • Net2 PaxLock – 25 points
  • PaxLock Pro – 25 points
  • Switch2 controller – 25 points
  • Compact reader/keypad – 10 points
  • Paxton10 Door controller – 25 points
  • Paxton10 Video Controller – 25 points
  • Paxton10 cameras – 25 points
  • Paxton10 PaxLock – 25 points


Points may only be exchanged for those installer tools and products that are currently being offered within the scheme. The points cannot be exchanged for cash.

How to redeem installer points

Record the Loyalty ID number from the label on the box – make a note of the number, or take a picture on your mobile

Upload the Loyalty ID number to the Register Installer Points section on the Paxton Extranet at your convenience

Your points will be automatically updated, making it easier to view your account balance

Other benefits of being a registered installer:

‘Find an Installer’ search facility

There is a facility on our website for prospective customers to search for an installer. Only registered installers are included in the results of the search, and ten installation companies are listed against each postcode entered. Installation companies with the highest number of points returned are the first listed in any area.

Please note, only the points submitted within the last 18 months count towards your total for search purposes. If you do not submit any installer points in an 18 month period, your installer status will become inactive.

Your Installer login area

You will be given a unique ‘Installer Key’ and password to access our secure Extranet. This access gives you:

Knowledge base – a 24/7 source of up-to-date installation information.

Free – keypad bezels and reader fascia covers.

Downloads – the latest Net2 software and other useful downloads.

Net2 tender specification – back up your quotes with a detailed specification.

Image library – access to hi-res photo and schematics

Redeem page – select tools and vouchers to ‘buy’ with your points.

Account balance – keep track of your points and what you’ve spent them on.

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It’s quick and easy, just submit your details on the link below and your request will be sent to the Paxton support team.

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