Integrating with Paxton

Net2 software is designed to easily integrate with other security systems, so you can offer your customers a complete solution. By integrating with other security systems your customers can enjoy more streamlined security for their building.

Intruder alarm

  • Save time by integrating Net2 and reduce false alarms
  • Control your intruder and access systems as one, across different areas of the building

Fire alarm

  • Integrate Net2 with your fire alarm and program your system to automatically open fire doors in the event of an emergency to improve safety


  • Streamline your Net2 system with CCTV for a quick, efficient way to view footage linked to specific access events or doors
  • Review CCTV footage from within your Net2 system


  • Net2 integrates with leading biometric readers, allowing enrolment of biometric data within Net2
  • Open up new market opportunities from high-security sites

All Net2 integrations are developed, maintained and supported by our third-party partners. If you require general information, troubleshooting advice or installation support please contact the relevant integration partner directly. Contact details can be found by clicking on the integration logo below. 

Approved Net2 Integrations

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Looking for something else?

If you would like to develop a commercial integration for Net2, the process is simple. Work with our Integrations team to complete our simple four step process.

If you are a Net2 installer or user and you require a bespoke, non-commercial integration for your site, our Certified Integration Developers can help.

Develop an integration   Find a Certified Integration Developer