Milestone Access 2018 R3

Video Management

Software: Paxton Net2 Integration for Milestone Access 2018 R3

Description: Net2 integration developed by Paxton Access Ltd is a plug-in integration that combines Paxton's Net2 with XProtect® software.

The plug-in integrates Net2 directly into XProtect® Smart Client and allows the user to control access and monitor video surveillance from one unified interface, eliminating the need to run two separate applications. The Paxton plug-in integration enables the user to open and close doors while simultaneously viewing video footage of the doors.

The Paxton plug-in captures critical events from the Paxton Net2 server and registers them as alarms in XProtect Smart Client. These alarms are automatically linked to relevant video footage from corresponding cameras. The Access Control tab of the XProtect Smart Client will display events with filters directly from Net2. User and door information is also supplied giving the operator a high level overview of the access control system as a whole.

The Paxton tab provides the end user with the ability to manage user information from within the XProtect Smart Client, allowing changes to be made to individual user accounts including credential management, access permission management, anti-passback and alarm user controls and more.

Doors and cameras can be placed upon a site graphic, giving an overview of the positioning of cameras and doors in relation to the site. The screens can be adapted to show the operator the information they are interested in, combined with pop up notifications, the system is able to draw the attention of the operator as situations occur.

  • Users can seamlessly control cameras in their surveillance system, such as starting/stopping recording, changing video frame rate and moving camera to focus on a door
  • Monitoring events are issued by the Net2 system using the Alarm Manager in XProtect Smart Client
  • Allows users to open and close doors through the map function of the XProtect Smart Client
  • User, door and event information are issued by the Net2 system using Access Control in XProtect Smart Client
  • User management and administration from with XProtect Smart Client
  • Popup notifications configured to individual needs to display the alarms of interest


  • Relevant features within your solution:
    Milestone Certified Products:
  • Milestone XProtect Access 2014 to 2018 R3 (inclusive)
  • XProtect Essential+
  • XProtect Express & Express+
  • XProtect Professional & Professional+
  • XProtect Enterprise
  • XProtect Expert
  • XProtect Corporate
  • Husky M50
  • Milestone XProtect Smart Client 2018 R3


Additional costs to enable Paxton to integrate with your solution: Plugin provided free of charge

Net2 compatibility: v5.03 onwards

Languages available: As per Net2

How to buy: Available from Milestone: or available from Paxton:

Contact: Paxton support: +44 (0)1273 811011,