TagMaster CitySync


Software: TagMaster CitySync

Hardware: CitySync 50 ANPR Camera

Description: CitySync have worked with Paxton to produce an integration with the CitySync 50 Intelligent ANPR Camera with barrier control. The Wiegand output on the ANPR camera can be connected to the reader port on a Net2 ACU, as the camera reads the licence plate, it makes the SHA1 conversion needed to translate the licence plate into a token number that Net2 can recognise. The Net2 system then decides the access required meaning there is no need for a secondary database to store the appropriate licence plate tokens. Simply input the licence plate number into Net2 and the system will make the conversion for you.

Net2 compatibility: Via Wiegand connection to the Net2 ACU

How to buy: Direct from TagMaster CitySync: www.citysync.co.uk or email sales@citysync.co.uk