Ticket System

Software: Ticket System

Description: Ticket System allows generation of one-time PIN codes for use on Paxton keypads. The system could be used for vehicle exit, visitor control, lift control or whatever you like. You can assign a different ticket validity (in minutes) and/or access level to each one-time PIN you generate. The system will expire the ticket/pin when the expiry time is reached or the pin number is used at a keypad (whichever comes first). PIN numbers can be printed at a click of a button directly to your default printer without any prompts. Only the PIN number will be printed and the output is top left in landscape mode making it easier to assign a label or ticket writer to the system. When Ticket System is closed all active PIN numbers are revoked.

Net2 compatibility: v5.03

Languages available: English

How to buy: http://danielraines.com/products.php?p=ticket-system-paxton-net2