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Paxton’s definitive guide to COVID-secure buildings with Net2

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Meet the new government guidelines with Net2 access control

May 2020 Guidance for Employers – ‘Working safely during COVID-19’

Get the tools and the knowledge to match your security offering with the ‘practical considerations of how to operate safely in the workplace’ and help your customers get back to business.

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  • Contactless entry & exit – hygienic access, move away from touch-based devices, specifically referenced in government guidelines
  • Flexible access permissions – meet social distancing guidelines, limit high traffic & apply one-way flow of movement
  • BRAND NEW! Occupancy management – control and monitor people numbers in any given area and support social distancing
  • Thermal scanning – use cameras to ensure health & wellbeing in high security areas and identify people that could be at risk, quickly


Join to understand the size of the opportunity that these requirements represent and discover genuine COVID-secure solutions to meet the specific guidelines for: Offices & contact centres, Construction & outdoor work, Factories, plants & warehouses, Labs & research facilities, Restaurants & takeaways and Shops & branches.


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