PROXIMITY P series compact readers

  • An access control system that's easy to use
  • All cards are immediately valid
  • A lost card can be deleted in seconds
  • Extra card packs available from stock
  • Control over access by token color
  • Up to 10,000 users on one site
About - PROXIMITY compact is a single door access control system. All of the electronics are within the housing of the reader. Compact systems can be installed to many doors over a site, all using the same cards. The P series readers are supplied with a choice of black or white fascias that can be fitted in the final stages of installation. The P series readers are available in three sizes as shown in the illustration below.

Installation - The compact reader has two wires which connect to the lock and two wires which connect to the power supply. There are two wires for connection to an exit button if required. The cable exits centrally from the back of the reader making drilling and mounting very accurate. Be sure to avoid mounting on metal surfaces or near other proximity readers as this will affect the read range. Once installed present the enrolment card to the reader. All the tokens in the pack are now valid. This completes the installation!

Operation - User tokens are valid and ready for use once installation is complete. Every user token is supplied with a corresponding shadow token. As user tokens are issued, the name of the user is marked on the shadow card. If a user is to be barred, or a user card is lost, the shadow token marked with the users' name is presented to all readers on site. This simple action invalidates the user card. Another user card may be issued for that user.

Additional features can be programmed using the PROXIMITY function card pack. These features include zoning which allows you to limit access by token color.

Sales code Description
333-210-USPROXIMITY P38 compact reader
353-210-USPROXIMITY P50 compact reader
373-210-USPROXIMITY P75 compact reader