PROXIMITY vandal proof reader

  • Use with Switch2 or Net2
  • A great solution for vulnerable areas
  • The reader is buried in a wall or door frame
  • Supplied with a range of colored caps
  • Innovative design
  • IPX7 rated - suitable for external use
About - The vandal proof reader is for use with Switch2 and Net2 systems. The barrel-like construction of the reader means that it can be buried in a wall. This means that it is ideal for use in vandal prone areas where malicious damage could be a problem. Black and white caps are supplied with the reader. The end cap is used as a marker, so users know where to present their tokens. Other colors are available.

We have added Genuine HID Technology™ to the majority of our Paxton readers, they can now read HID™ 125kHz Proximity tokens, when licensed with an activation card. If required these readers can still be enabled to have Wiegand output, via a separate activation card.

Installation - The reader is wired as shown on the control unit label. The reader itself is inserted into a 20mm diameter hole in the wall or door frame. The cap is then mounted as a visual marker for users. The reader should not be mounted into metal. The illustration below shows the different fitting options.

Operation - A token is read by holding it within close proximity of the reader. Once a token has been read the control unit looks up the access permissions of that user. Access is then granted or denied as appropriate.

Sales code Description
568-855-USPROXIMITY vandal proof reader