Net2 demonstration equipment

  • Complete Net2 system in a case
  • Connects directly to a PC
  • Supplied with everything needed to demonstrate the system
  • How to buy
  • Designed to speed up installation
  • Available for Net2 plus, Net2 PaxLock US, Net2 Entry Standard and Net2 Entry Touch
About - The Net2 demonstration units can be taken to a customer's premises and used to demonstrate the Net2 system. Seeing and using the system increases the chance of the customer placing an order.

The Net2 demonstration cases contain a control unit, a PROXIMITY reader, a PROXIMITY KP keypad, eight tokens and PC software. Each unit connects differently depending on the control unit type.

In contrast to the rest of the product range, demonstration equipment can be ordered directly from Paxton Access. As the equipment is used to sell Net2 systems they are sold at a greatly reduced price.

Installation - The case is supplied ready to use. Once the PC software has been installed the cases can be connected to the PC.

Operation - The operation of the system is identical to a standard single door Net2 system. All configuration and user changes are managed from the PC. If required the case can be connected to different PCs.

To order demonstration equipment call:

Paxton Access on 877 438 7298

Sales code Description
541-427-USNet2 Plus demonstration case
337-430-USNet2 Entry - Standard panel, demonstration case
921-999-USNet2 PaxLock US Demo Case
337-635-USNet2 Entry - Touch panel, demonstration case