Sales Code: 166-110

Net2 reader cable – 10 core, halogen Free, 100m reel



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Only suitable for internal use
Extend readers and keypads up to 100m
CR9540 specification
10-core shielded cable with flexible cores

About – Our Net2 readers and keypads are supplied with 5 metres of moulded cable (except for the flush-mounted box reader, reader and keypads with terminals). To extend this cable we recommend using the Paxton Net2 reader cable. Many problems with readers are caused by using the wrong type of cable for the extension. This reader cable is halogen-free and therefore complies with the new CPR fire certification. When a halogen-free cable burns there is less smoke development and less toxic gases are released than with cables containing halogen. This means that when a fire burns, it is less harmful for people who inhale the smoke.

Installation – The cable length between the reader and the door controller may not exceed 100m. If the reader cable is extended beyond 25m, the 12V and 0V wires must be doubled to minimize voltage drop. Connect the shield to the 0V terminal of the door controller.

The Paxton Net2 reader cable is suitable for Net2 card readers and keypads. This cable is not suitable for Paxton10 card readers and keypads.