Sales Code: 370-225WT

Proximity reader – UK Backbox, White



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Works with Net2 or Switch2
Fits onto standard UK electrical backboxes
Connections for pre-installed cable on the back of the reader
Available in black or white
Ideal for interior use in new and refitted buildings

About – Proximity backbox readers are for use with Switch2 and Net2 systems. The reader fits to standard electrical backboxes providing a neat installation option for new buildings and refurbishments. The backbox reader is designed for internal use only.

Installation – Comes supplied with rising clamp terminals at the back. The reader cable connects the reader to the control unit. Both the reader and control unit are clearly labelled. The reader is mounted to a standard backbox using fixing screws provided.

Operation – A token is read by holding it within close proximity to the reader. Once a token has been read the control unit looks up the access permissions of that user. Access is then granted or denied as appropriate. If access is granted the green LED flashes. If access is denied the red LED flashes.