Wireless door handles

The PaxLock range is our collection of wireless, electronic battery powered door handles. Easy to install on existing doors, PaxLock suits a variety of locations.

PaxLock Pro is compatible with Net2 and Paxton10, or works in Standalone mode.

Great for:

PaxLock operating modes

Networked or standalone, which is right for you?

How it works

PaxLock is access control in a wireless door handle, that works standalone or alongside our Net2 and Paxton10 networked access control systems.

The design is compatible with any DIN standard lock for a quick and simple installation. Its smart, compact appearance and standalone or networked operation means it can be used in a broad range of applications.

When used with Net2, the PaxLock Pro communicates with the Net2 server PC using the low power and secure wireless technology of Net2Air. PaxLock Pro is designed for use with Net2Air Bridges to give the advantages of a wireless networked access control system.

With Paxton10, the PaxLock Pro communicates with the Paxton10 server using Bluetooth® frequency-hopping technology to give the advantages of a wireless networked access control system.

The PaxLock Pro units read multi-format token technology, including Paxton, MIFARE®, Bluetooth®* and HID™ 125kHz Proximity tokens**.

*When integrated with Paxton10
**When enabled using Genuine HID Technology™

Still not sure PaxLock is right for you?

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