Paxton’s Green Policy

Our environmental approach

We aim for a world class approach in all that we do and to us that means always striving for continuous improvement. We want to build a thriving company that contributes positively to the world we live in, today and for the years to come.

Today we have a focused team of Paxton professionals, fully trained on carbon literacy, that are working on our journey to become a net zero company.

Journey to net zero

We are working with Carbon Footprint to measure and benchmark our emissions, ready to create our targeted net zero plan for reduction and off-setting in the years to .

We will continue to educate our people and our customers on the ethical ways of doing business while developing products that continue to help buildings lower their emissions.

Together, we pledge to conduct Paxton business in a way that not only limits our impact on the environment but enhances it positively wherever possible.

“…we know the journey to net zero won’t be a quick one, but we are fully committed to reducing our emissions year on year to reach this target as soon as possible…”


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