Integrations Available with Net2

We integrate with a range of manufacturers to provide a complete solution.

From ANPR cameras to thermal scanners you can offer your customers a bespoke solution for their needs.

Thermal Scanning

Use cameras to support health and wellbeing in high security areas and identify people that could be at risk.

Net2 integrates easily with a range of thermal scanners. This is great for premises that want additional peace of mind, protecting against the spread of the virus. You check for high temperatures before people enter and deny access and offer medical assistance if appropriate. This level of security helps you to support the health and wellbeing of all employees and visitors and identify people that maybe at risk quickly.

Available integrations include:


Automatic number plate recognition.

Integrating an ANPR camera with Net2 software supports the use of a number plate in place of a token; opening the door/gate for any number plates included in whitelist. This is a great solution for carparks allowing users to simple monitor who has access and when as well as reducing touchpoints.

Available integrations include:

  • CitySync
  • Hikvision
  • Dahua


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Contactless Biometrics

Touchless 3D fingerprint technology when integrated with Net2 is great in high-traffic areas allowing individuals to be quickly verified without the need to have any contact with the reader.

Available integrations include: