Free virtual training - 90 minutes

These online virtual classes are fully interactive, instructor-led, live training sessions to help you understand our products and prepare for upcoming installations. It follows the same principle as our popular face-to-face training and replicates it online in 90 minutes.

What is virtual training?

Find out from our trainers, exactly what you can get out of virtual training with Paxton.

A fully interactive, instructor-lead, live training session to help you understand Paxton products and prepare for upcoming installations. It takes the fundamental principles of our training and replicates this online for up to 12 individuals. Participants are encouraged to take part in discussion, share their ideas and ask questions throughout. As always, we seek to support our installers by offering our training free of charge.

What will the sessions include?

Discover how to install, configure, and program a system using Net2 plus, Entry and PaxLock Pro – Latch, understand best practice, and get top installation tips.



Please note: Times listed are EST. For training larger groups (more than 4 individuals), or for site specific installation training, please  get in touch with our team, they’ll be happy to help. Paxton training is open to security installation companies only.

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