Sales Code: 857-090-EX

2A/12V DC power supply – no housing

A range of 12v power supplies
Backup batteries
Different enclosure options
100-240V AC mains

About – A range of 12V dc power supplies for use with Paxton systems. All are designed to connect to a standard UK mains supply via a switched fused spur connection.

The 998-241 is a 1A 12V dc power supply in a plastic enclosure. This is a low cost alternative to the boxed backup power supplies.

The 857-250 and the 857-693 are 2A boxed backup power supplies. This means that when installed with the appropriate battery (listed), the power supply will continue to provide 12V dc for an extended period in the event of a power failure. The exact duration of the backup period will be dependent on the power consumption of the access control system and the capacity of the battery.

862-719 is a 7 Amp hour battery for the 2A boxed power supply. It is a lead acid gel type, and is maintenance free. It has a five year life when used within electrical and temperature specifications.


Installation – Installation for each power supply differs. Instructions are supplied with each unit.