Net2 Software Videos

Lost Tokens

Learn what to do when a user loses their token, including barring the token and assigning a new one to a user.

Monitoring Users

Learn how to monitor users in your Net system, including how to run reports.

Creating Operators

Learn how to create a new Net2 system operator within the Net2 software.

Adding users

Learn how to add new users to your Net2 system.

Barring and deleting users

Learn how to bar and delete users from your Net2 System.

Customising cards

Customise your access cards with the Net2 Card Designer.

Restricting Access Permissions

Learn how to restrict users access permissions in the Net2 software.

Setting timezones

Control the movement of people around the building by setting timezones and access level permissions that are automatically activated during pre-set periods.

Site graphics

An interactive graphic of your site that allows you to see the state of your doors and cameras on your site and interact with them.


Prevent unauthorised users from sharing tokens by setting restrictions within the software. This prevents the same token being used more than once to gain access.


Landlord Tenant
Restrict operators to administer only those users within a specific user department and to apply a specific access level.

Security Lockdown
Secure the site by quickly disabling valid user access through selected doors at the touch of a button, disable exit buttons and relock doors held open by time zones. Specific security personnel can be permitted to pass through these doors during lockdown.

CCTV Integration
Net2 integrates with a range of industry leading manufacturers’ solutions. This makes it possible to review CCTV footage from within the Net2 system, as well as connecting to individual IP cameras in order to view a live feed at any door.

Fire alarm
Automatically unlock specific doors on the system in the event of a fire alarm and set your system to generate an automatic roll call report when the fire alarm goes off. This helps to identify exactly who is safe once the building has been evacuated.

Intruder alarm

Net2 allows you to selectively secure zones in your building by securing doors and setting the alarm across specific areas at the click of a button. Partitioning your site in this way allows you to add varying layers of control, for complete flexibility.

Managing users

A valuable tool to help you keep track of staff hours and keep HR processes smooth and simple.

Time & attendance
A quick and easy way to monitor staff time and attendance, as well as sick days and holidays throughout the year, in one convenient package.

Triggers and Actions

Automate processes by letting specific events in the software trigger pre-determined actions.