Technical literature

Here you will find all of our technical documents in one place, this includes product data sheets, application notes, schematics and drilling templates.



AN1010 – Configuring custom Wiegand formats
AN1023 – Configuring areas and area groups
AN1037 – Adding ACU’s to an existing Net2 RS485 data line
AN1038 – Using Access Levels and Timezones
AN1044 – Configuring public holidays
AN1045 – Using ABA format 3rd party cards with Net2
AN1046 – Configuring readers and keypads
AN1047 – Configuring door alarms
AN1049 – Holding a door unlocked with Net2 software
AN1063 – Configuring anti-passback
AN1070 – Net2 backup procedures, Net2 V4
AN1072 – Setting up the Net2 software
AN1085 – Recommendations for using Net2 with LAN and WAN networks
AN1112 – How to configure a Wiegand keypad
AN1163 – Enrolment and use of a PaxLock Pro – Standalone function card pack
AN1164 – PaxLock Pro Standalone mode
AN1165 – Setting up and using concierge
AN1170 – Net2 Default System Engineer password – update


AN1031 – Integrating Net2 with a fire alarm system
AN1035 – Integrating Net2 with an intruder alarm system
AN1052 – Integrating IP Cameras with Net2
AN1065 – Regulations regarding Net2 and intruder alarm systems
AN1076 – Integrating Net2 with Lift control systems
AN1079 – Lighting control using Triggers and Actions
AN1080 – Economic control of air conditioning using Triggers and Actions
AN1088 – Using the energy saving reader
AN1090 – Advice on using access control with fire doors
AN1092 – Integrating a webcam for use with Net2 user records.
AN1094 – Using Fibre Optics with Net2
AN1102 – Integrating Net2 with Barriers
AN1104 – How to secure a meeting room using the energy saving reader
AN1123 – Integrating with Multi-Zone Intruder partitions
AN1124 – Two locks on one door
AN1156 – Paxton Net2 Integration for Milestone Access 2016
AN1179 – IDEMIA Setup Guide
AN1180 – Setting up Virdi integration with Paxton Net2 Server
AN1191 – Integrating Net2 with cameras on NVR/DVR systems