Sales Code: 003-375-EX

Paxton10 Server

No software install required, license free
No configuration required, simply browse to the weblink on the unit
Integrated with Windows as standard
Automatic back-up and flexible system restore in the event of drive failure
Cross platform compatibility (PC/Mac/Linux) via Google Chrome and Safari
32GB USB back-up – for added peace of mind

About – The Paxton10 Server is the hub for the entire system, providing simple connection to your network for remote access. A single Paxton10 Server is required to support up to 1000 doors across multiple sites. Accessible from any device with an internet connection, the Paxton10 software makes remote site management easy. No configuration required, simply browse to the weblink on the bottom of the unit.

Supplied with a 32GB USB back up – for added peace of mind.

The Paxton10 Server comes in two variants, manufactured by Intel and Lenovo. The product you receive will depend on current stock availability.

Installation – Attach the power supply to the server and plug in. Connect the server to the network with the supplied cable and turn it on. Open your web browser and enter the http:// address on the bottom of the server. Create your personal log in details and the Paxton10 server is ready for use.

Operation – Once you have created your login, you will see the initial setup page. The setup page will provide a link to download and install the Paxton10 SSL/TLS certificate to your device. You will be provided with a link to your Paxton10 system to start administering your site.


The Paxton10 Server is an Intel manufactured product and is therefore not covered by the Paxton 5-year guarantee. Paxton supports a 3-year warranty for this product, as supplied by Intel.