Datalog 5


Software: Datalog 5

Description: Cortech Developments core software product, Datalog, is a modular and scalable graphical user interface that monitors and controls local and remote third party building, fire and security technology. Datalog assists organisations worldwide (including critical national infrastructure and high security environments) to reduce risk and cost, meet regulatory requirements, improve operational efficiency and provide greater situation awareness.

Datalog enables multiple control technologies to be operated on a single operating platform with just one database. The operator can view 3D graphic maps (optional) of various sites and buildings with icons depicting the location of control technology. This assists the operator in locating alarms quickly and maximizing the speed of response for incidents across local and remote sites.

Datalog provides integration to the Paxton Net 2 Access Control System. The integration enables Datalog to monitor alarms from the Paxton system as well as control doors, providing greater situation awareness, accountability, and an audit trail.

Datalog provides the ability to monitor and control the following:

Access events
Information events
Alarm events
System events
Warning events
Monitor door status i.e. 'door open', intruder alarm', 'tamper status', PSU OK' etc.
Lock and unlock doors
Silence alarms
Listing and setting the state of input/output relays
Information is critical in managing an efficient and effective control room and a key component of the integration is the process for obtaining quick and simplified reports.

Datalog 5 logs all system actions, which is a powerful tool in determining the sequence of events should any historical analysis be required.

Net2 compatibility: v5.03 onwards

How to buy: Directly through Cortech: