Digital Watchdog Spectrum


This integration is built into every Net2 installation, or is available via additional plugin, and allows DVR and NVR manufacturers' systems to be linked to Net2 access control software. Cameras associated with these systems can be detected and applied to doors allowing the user to view video footage associated with events from within Net2 software.

Software: Digital Watchdog Spectrum

Description: Network Optix have created an integration using our VIP platform that will allow their Video Management System (VMS) to display video footage within Net2. The file will add the VMS system to the camera integrations within Net2 and allow cameras to be associated with doors. This in turn will display video footage associated with events generated at these doors. The viewing window contains navigational buttons to allow the user to scroll backwards and forwards from the time of the event.

Net2 compatibility: v5.01 onwards

Languages available: English

How to buy: Visit