Software: GEMOS

Description: GEMOS is the leading security information management system in the German market with over 700 different proprietary interfaces and over 600 installations
GEMOS is manufacturer-neutral, i.e. integration of systems from different manufacturers is possible.
The design of custom user interfaces according to customer GEMOS physical security information system needs is possible through the web-based interface.
Highest availability thanks to various redundancy concepts (network, server, database etc.)
Special solutions for different sectors such as, e. g. multifunctional sports arenas, penal facilities or data centres.
The direct import of Auto CAD drawings allows the immediate use of existing architectural floor plans.
High scalability using flexible license models, divided into three levels, light, standard and professional.
Software, hardware, and licenses with modular system design.

Net2 compatibility: v5.03 onwards

Languages available: German, English, Polish, French, Arabic (depending on PC language pack used - speak to ela-soft for more details)

How to buy: Paxton Driver is now available, can be ordered as Standard Interface Driver for GEMOS PSIM. Buy direct from ela-soft -