Software: IXM WEBDescription: Easily add new users or import user data with the integration between Net2 and IXM WEB. When adding a new user in Net2, an 'Enrol Biometric' button is available for a seamless transition to IXM WEB to complete the biometric enrolment. During the setup of IXM WEB, select from various configurable options like one or two-way synchronisation, sync interval (in secs) along with web browser preference.

This integration saves time and eliminates errors through automatic synchronisation of Net2 and IXM WEB user databases eliminating the need for entering user data in both applications.

Net2 compatibility: v5.04 onwards

Languages available: IXM WEB is standardised in English. IXM WEB allows for all labels in the software as well as the LCD menu to be localised into one of 104 languages manually or via Google Translate API (sold separately). A trial or full version available.

How to buy: sales@invixium.com

Contact: www.invixium.com