Roll Call

Software: MUSTERD

Description: Musterd is a real-time roll call and mustering solution from Thinking Software. Musterd is tightly integrated with the Paxton Net2 system and will continue to function even if the Net2 system is unavailable through power and/or data interruption. In an emergency situation, dedicated Musterd devices display real-time lists of everyone that you need to account for. Our mobile reader can be attached to the handheld devices, to create a mobile muster point where users can make themselves safe by presenting their Paxton card/fob. Musterd not only speeds up your evacuation times, it puts accurate information in the hands of those responsible for managing an emergency and it will enable them to direct emergency services to where they are needed.

Net2 compatibility: v5 onwards

Languages available:English

How to buy:

Contact: +44 (0) 1993 878 671