Active Directory

Software: Net2ADSyncServer

Description: The Net2ADSyncServer program synchronises your Net2 system with Windows Active Directory. This makes it possible to maintain users at a single location (Active Directory). The AD expiry date is exported to Net2. Access rights are determined by placing users in an AD 'security group'. The card number can be defined in a configurable AD field. AD users that are disabled will be removed from Net2. The application supports multiple cards and codes per user.

There are three standard versions of the Net2ADSyncServer available. It is also possible to create custom version if required and these will always be based on the Ultimate version.

  • Basic Net2ADSyncServer - up to 25 doors and 100 users
  • Professional Net2ADSyncServer - Unlimited Users and Doors**
  • Ultimate Net2ADSyncServer - Unlimited Users and Doors, With Advanced Permissions**
  • Custom is Ultimate Net2ADSyncServer plus any customizations required**Professional and the Ultimate versions can handle nested AD groups.

Net2 compatibility: v5.03 onwards

Languages available: English and Dutch

How to buy: or email:

Contact: +1 (0) 201 360 9564