Sirrom Workforce Management

Time Attendance

Software: Sirrom Workforce Management

Description: Sirrom is a complete HR System which integrates with your Sage payroll and your Paxton system (also offer payroll links to Earnie, Iris, Pegasus etc.).

Alerts system administrators of any employee qualification expiry dates such as First Aid, HGV etc. (automatic emails can also be set-up). Important alerts such as return to work interview needed after a person's absence for a pre-defined period, CSCS card expiry etc.

Import driving licence and visa training certificate photographs placed directly into system for easy viewing.Working Time Directive Management (Alerts you should a person infringe the European Working Time Directive Rules) & Bradford factor Management. System manages employee lateness and early departures.Easy management of hours worked and overtime rules. Shift working through planning module/flexi time working.Sirrom Job Costing module - this module allows employees to book job numbers created within the software via a barcode scanner, reports can then run on the total time and show cost spent on working on a job or activity.Choice of Employee Self Service clocking in Proximity or Biometric Terminals with GPRS (For remote locations) and I.P. connectivity.

ESS Sirrom touch screen terminals can be used to make an absence request to their managers, Sirrom users (managers) would then be alerted of these requests. Reports can be set up to be automatically emailed to recipients.

The Employees Self Service Module (ESS) allows employees to clock in through a web (browser) based portal. They can also book onto a cost centre of work or job code through this which is perfect for remote workers. They can also view their weekly / period clocking's and totals and their shift rotas. Employees can also make absence requests to their supervisors/managers etc.

Features a reporting suite for time management, absences and HR management. Features data exporting to Microsoft Excel. Also bespoke reporting & scripting facility for bespoke applications.

Net2 compatibility: v5 onwards

Languages available: English UK only

How to buy:

Contact: England: +44 (0) 1257 252 002 Scotland: +44 (0) 1506 896 806