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6.05 SR1 (05/11/2020)

  • Bug Fix – Net2-3218 – Reports on Net2 online or on the mobile app display as blank
  • Bug Fix – Net2-3209 – Local API – Individual Permissions not retrieved if Advanced Permissions setting not present
  • Bug Fix – Net2-3216 – API – Creating Roll Call Results in Server Error 500
  • Bug Fix – Net2-3220 – Update Nginx to 1.18.0


6.05 (24/09/2020)

  • New Feature – Checkpoint Control
  • Occupancy Management Enhancement – Net2-3107 – Occupancy Management – Virtual Traffic Light
  • Occupancy Management Enhancement – Net2-3107 – Occupancy Management – User Override
  • Bug Fix – NET2-3172 – Timesheet/Automatic Alerts – Groups not working
  • Bug Fix – NET2-3113 – Timesheet – Booked Holiday Set to Zero
  • Bug Fix – NET2-3157 – Local API – User not returned with events via SignalR



6.04 (07/07/2020)

  • New Feature – Occupancy Management Control
  • Bug Fix – Doors not appearing in reader definition tab



6.03 (29/05/2020)

  • New Feature – Access levels – full administration and control
  • New Feature – Timezones – full administration and control, includes ability to view custom days (custom day setup still required in desktop application)
  • New Feature – Lockdown – Activate and Deactivate only – configuration still required in Net2 desktop application via triggers & actions
  • New Feature – Event Filtering – filter by date, time, type, search criteria
  • New Feature – Advanced door control and status – open, close, hold open, hold open for time period, shows state of door, open, closed, held open etc.
  • Bug Fix – Net2Online – User with Advanced Permissions cannot have changed made to their profile
  • Bug fix – Net2Online – Scanning muster point is not automatically updating roll call
  • Bug fix – When changing the name of userfield 12 the results for licenseplates doesn’t add up
  • Bug fix – SDK – MonitorACU – PINs with leading 0s do not return a user
  • Bug fix – Unable to open Timeline from Client install
  • Bug fix – Trigger and Action – Using temporary access on certain users will crash the Net2 Service
  • Bug fix – Net2Online – SignalR event is not collecting/sending all relevant information
  • Bug fix – Net2 – Can manually add a door with the same serial number
  • Bug fix – Net2 – Unable to delete Operator – error 0x80040E2F – The delete Statement conflicted with a REFERENCE constraint
  • Bug fix – When changing a user’s department, user is not removed from the list in the UI
  • Bug fix – Net2Online – User not appearing correctly after search
  • Bug fix – When switching between a door without Intruder Alarm enabled to a door with Intruder Alarm enabled Net2 crashes
  • Bug fix – Net2Online – Cannot change PIN via Net2Online interface
  • Bug fix – Local API – Unable to add tokens to users where AntiPassbackUser is set to NULL




6.02.9112.5589 Service Release 3 (20/03/2020)

  • Firmware Update – Paxlock Pro – Fixed – LED battery warning is flashing at voltages above 6V


6.02.9020.3129 Service Release 2 (21/02/2020)

  • Improvement – Telemetry: will now send data on first connection following upgrade rather than waiting until the 1st of the month
  • Improvement – Web API – Individual permissions: fixes to allow individual permissions to be assigned via the API
  • Fixed -Token last used field in Unused tokens report shows event time for event not associated to current user
  • Fixed – Missing translation for Telemetry check box
  • Fixed – Local API – SignalR not working through SSL proxy
  • Fixed – Local API – Help pages showing the incorrect location for SignalR


6.02.8928.4090 Service Release 1 (29/01/2020)

  • Fixed – Translation for tick box in GDPR screen


6.02 (28/01/2020)

Change description

New – Web API – A server-side RESTful Web API for Net2 consisting of publicly exposed endpoints to a defined request-response message system. Increased integration offering over a web-based and mobile connection.

New – Telemetry & Analytics – Telemetry & Analytics will allow Paxton further insight about the composition and use of a Net2 system, to understand how people are using the system so we can tailor development to suit.

  • Fixed – SDK – UpdatedUserRecord with Advanced Permissions causes Current Validity to be lost if Access Level is null
  • Fixed – TLS v1.0 (used by SQL Express 2012) has been identified as a security issue
  • Fixed – SDK – Unable to retrieve custom access level with no access
  • Fixed – Trigger & Actions Rule effecting Relay 2, causes Intruder alarm to mirror Relay 2 every time
  • Fixed – SDK – CloseDoor function returns a ‘Door opened’ event
  • Fixed – SDK – Open door events return with SubAddress 11
  • Fixed – Drag and Drop doesn’t update LastUpdated field
  • Fixed – Net2 – When denied access for Anti-Passback using ANPR camera, relay 1 still fires.
  • Fixed – Options under the “Go” menu not translated to Hungarian
  • Fixed – Roll call not being updated from Muster Points
  • Fixed – Door re-locks when held open for set time w/ open door wizard (door re-locking on door contact open/close)
  • Fixed – Net2 events generates runtime error 0 when double right clicking on the events page break
  • Fixed – Multizone Intruder Alarm – Net2 will crash o When there is a new location name added to the Multizone Intruder Integration screen using Options
  • Fixed – SDK – UpdateUserRecord – Breaks Temporary Access
  • Fixed – Net2 – Timed logical anti-passback – if a user has 2 token numbers assigned – anti pass back treats each token number separately not as a single user
  • Fixed – When a controller is set for clock in/out i’m able to fire relay 1 for door open time via PCA
  • Fixed – Affect relay actions not saved when a Trigger for ‘When a Fire Alarm goes off’ is used
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect Admin – Open a door in toggle mode will not flash LEDs
  • Fixed – Password over 20 chars give invalid password when opening card designer, timesheet and timeline outside of net2
  • Fixed – Net2 Online – shows door opening through network instruction even when intruder alarm armed
  • Fixed – As a Supervisor Net2 Online isn’t available in the dropdown menu, but it is available in the pop-up menu
  • Fixed – Net2 Online Web UI – When adding a PIN via the Web UI you have to ability to add a PIN in the minus for example -304
  • Fixed – When running a ‘Who’s in ‘ report in PCA no users are shown
  • Fixed – Net2 – “Paxton console card print has stopped working error” – Card Printing
  • Fixed – View Online Tutorials in Net2 software directs you to Paxton home page
  • Fixed – Custom Weigand Rule Issue where more characters than the selected bit count are able to be populated
  • Fixed – When exporting an Output Sample File CSV on Net2 Client, User gets ‘error:26 – Error Locating Server/Instance Specified
  • Fixed – Reader 2 greyed out when using alarm integration with Turnstile mode
  • Fixed – Unable to delete departments with users who have Individual Permissions
  • Fixed – Door reports with multiple doors can cause Net2 UI to crash/close
  • Fixed – When on V6.01.8526.6300 Client, The Card Designer will not load the UI for 30 Seconds or greater.
  • Fixed – Net2 – when clicking individual permissions and selecting use current template it will only allow you to repeatedly click “yes”
  • Fixed – Reader Definitions not sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed – Remove cancel button from telemetry bar in latest Net2 Build 6.02.8714.4468
  • Fixed – Deleting section on a timezone fails to update Door unlock
  • Fixed – Merging a User doesn’t delete the user and also retains their access level
  • Fixed – Unable to print User cards
  • Fixed – SDK – UpdateUserRecord – Users not expiring when alarmUserInd flag set to false
  • Fixed Auto clockin unable to get list of Operators
  • Fixed – Net2 Take a long while to load on new pro database
  • Fixed – Roll call report showing old outdated logo and font
  • Fixed – Net2 Online – Unable to update antipassback or alarm access if advanced permissions are in use
  • Fixed – Cannot add Multizone Intruder Alarm Partitions
  • Fixed – Net2Online Web UI menu incorrect when viewing options
  • Fixed – Telemetry data not storing database size



6.01.8616.3794 Service Release 3 (23/10/2019)

  • Fixed – Bug Net2 Paxlock – Usernames not displaying when in toggle mode.
  • Firmware Update – Net2 Paxlock Pro


6.01.8526.6300 Service Release 2 (30/09/2019)

  • Improvements – Internet connectivity checks
  • Fixed – Card Designer – Unable to print cards.
  • Fixed – Unable to add image to site graphics
  • Fixed – Unable to add image to user
  • Firmware Update – US Paxlock


6.01.8319.4827 Service Release 1 (22/07/2019)

  • Fixed – Access LV not appearing in alphabetical order when setting up Landlord Tenants.
  • Fixed – APB Events do not automatically appear
  • Fixed – Blue bar obscuring view when logging in as Events Only Operator
  • Fixed – Clock in / Clock out ACUs appearing under reader definitions
  • Fixed – Crash when sorting door events report by token number if column contains empty values
  • Fixed – CSV Data sample not importing correctly
  • Fixed – Custom Operators – Able to delete Access Levels associated to Custom Operators
  • Fixed – Delay in opening relay2 when using open door wizard.
  • Fixed – Display reader LED”s in OEM style does not save after updating Net2
  • Fixed – Error displayed if deleting an area assigned as individual permissions
  • Fixed – If registration server is unavailable, Net2 Online registration throws ”site name in use” error instead
  • Fixed – Image verification not working when using ANPR for entry
  • Fixed – Incorrect event produced when using open door wizard
  • Fixed – Incorrect trigger and action rules running for Paxlock Low Battery events
  • Fixed – Installer information not fitting in designated box
  • Fixed – Live Content not visible for any Operators in 5.04.6918, not just Custom Operators.
  • Fixed – Most used door list in app should be in alphabetical order
  • Fixed – Net2 – “Unlock Commissioning Mode” button in Access Control software does nothing.
  • Fixed – Net2 – Able to use Open door on doors you don”t have access to.
  • Fixed – Net2 – Area reader definitions not populating
  • Fixed – Net2 – Roll Call Printout Delay when printing to multiple printers (up to 90 seconds)
  • Fixed – Net2 – Token Tab adding 0s to the start of token numbers causing confusion.
  • Fixed – Net2 – User Search not returning all results after CSV import
  • Fixed – Net2 Online – Able to register from client install even if Net2 online is in use.
  • Fixed – Net2 Online – Can press tick to save new user multiple times and create multiple users
  • Fixed – Net2 Online – Cannot log in with usernames that don”t contain a first name
  • Fixed – Net2 Services tab still exists in options. Clicking on it creates a runtime error and crashes the software
  • Fixed – New Public Holidays Not Automatically Creating Timesheet Entries
  • Fixed – No MX record for
  • Fixed – On Screen lock down status not updating after lock down is reset.
  • Fixed – PaxLock Pro – New behaviour added; when handle held down and token presented, x3 RED LEDs and Net2 event returned “Cannot unlock: handle held during operation”
  • Fixed – PaxLock Pro Low Power Mode option removed
  • Fixed – Paxlock Pro not generating ‘door closed’ with ‘timezone’ event
  • Fixed – Paxlock Pro unlocks in timezone even when set to “only unlock once a user has been granted access”
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect Admin – Beta – Error message for Operator Landlord should be changed to invalid user
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect Admin – Beta – When using the Open Doors off line, the apps shows the door as open (ie Green) even though it is not
  • Fixed – SDK – Close door only closes relay 1
  • Fixed – SDK – Door names that are longer than 50 characters breaks ViewEvents method
  • Fixed – System engineer password can be set to blank
  • Fixed – Test jig interface reports Hitag tokens incorrectly.
  • Fixed – The Net2 server is sending auto heal messages unnecessarily when intruder alarm set
  • Fixed – Timeline – Search function input not working correctly.
  • Fixed – Translation issue – Door Alarms tab
  • Fixed – Un-registering remote access and shutting down the Net2 server doesn”t happen gracefully
  • Fixed – Unable to add license plates with more than 8 characters.
  • Fixed – Users Access permissions do not match Reports
  • Fixed – When applying Advanced Permissions to a department if you want to set a custom date range to the temporary access level it does not visually populate the date you have selected
  • Fixed – When changing the field name of ”Car Registration”, the Find User function still shows the column as ”Car Registration” instead of what you have changed it too.
  • Fixed – When running a ”Who”s in ” report in PCA it still shows people in ”outside world”
  • Firmware Update – Net2 Paxlock Pro


V6.01.8113.3421 (21/05/2019)

  • New – Net2Online – a new Web User interface for remote access to Net2 (Pro)
  • Fixed – Branding – Old Logo in use on installer Splash screen.
  • Fixed – Issue with security certificate in Paxton Connect Admin info link.
  • Fixed – Multiple Events for open door.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Door list collapsing before reaching the end of the list. (Open Doors).
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Lazy Loading Issue When Screen Resized.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Main page scrolls rather then roll call users.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Most Used Doors will not slide to open.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Roll call items not fitting on page.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Scrolling a long list of doors causes screen to go blank.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Services require a restart on registration.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Token field too far down user record.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – User Admin – Unclear where to add a token number.
  • Fixed – Script Error on Boot.
  • Fixed – Unable to register for Net2 Online when using Hungarian software language.
  • Fixed – When selecting ”New database” on v6, you are still required to Deactivate the Net2 server (Net2 Anywhere).
  • Firmware Update – PaxLock Pro



V6.00.7619.6120 (Service Release 3) (04/03/2019)

  • Fixed – Connection issues with Net2Online


V6.00.7508.3984 (Service Release 2) (08/11/2018)

  • Improvements – Branding update: Paxton triangle logos updated to reflect new solid green triangle
  • Fixed – Registration for Net2 Online can cause runtime errors


V6.00.7408.5056 (Service Release 1) (12/10/2018)

  • Fixed – Able to set the same date as two different Type of Custom days.
  • Fixed – Adding duplicate Vehicle Number Plates
  • Fixed – Config Utility – Auto Logout can interrupt database functions
  • Fixed – Daily backup trying to save backups to C:\ even though the database has been installed on the D:\
  • Fixed – Doors not in order in Access Levels
  • Fixed – Emailing Reports show incorrect Date range
  • Fixed – Empty / Null Surname or Firstname shows as ”undefined”
  • Fixed – Failed or problem Net2 online registration causes Net2 service to hang on restart.
  • Fixed – High CPU Usage in CommsServerService
  • Fixed – IEVO Issues – Fingerprints returning incorrect user, issues adding users/fingerprints.
  • Fixed – Incorrect user reported for Intruder Alarm events
  • Fixed – Intruder Alarm does not force door to lock during Door Open time
  • Fixed – Net2 – Issues when creating/organising area groups.
  • Fixed – Net2 – Unable to set a door for ”No Access” under working hours access level
  • Fixed – Net2 Config Closing automatically
  • Fixed – Net2 Online – Read Only user can still change credential information and bar/DELETE user
  • Fixed – PaxLocks failing to Migrate
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Beta – Who’s in Date/time Invalid
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Beta – Edit button not working
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Beta – When trying to log in with services stopped, there is no error message and unable to select the options shown.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect – Beta – When using the app and the services stop on the PC, a small white blank box comes up with no information.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect Admin – Beta – When editing the speed is slow
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect Admin – Open door options appear on screen regardless of operator level.
  • Fixed – Paxton Connect Admin – Phone number not appearing.
  • Fixed – Possible to use Local Alarms from PaxLocks in Triggers and Actions, but not Nano
  • Fixed – Relay bounce may generate multiple Net2 events
  • Fixed – Reports not attaching to emails with South African OS
  • Fixed – Runtime error 0 when trying to create area groups
  • Fixed – SDK – UpdateUserRecord removes card template
  • Fixed – SDK/API – Calling UpdateUser without providing a CardTemplate causes the template to be removed
  • Fixed – Search issues – Paxton HQ – Error in Events
  • Fixed – Sites are randomly denying access to users
  • Fixed – When saving a ”When a lost token is presented to a door” rule, it will show as ”When a user clock’s in” type
  • Firmware Update – Net2 Plus and Net2 Classic


V6.00.7215.6100 (16/08/2018)

  • Fixed – When accessing any users details on the app a pop up will display “an error has occurred”.
  • Fixed – When accessing the list of uses in the app the app will hang on the spinner icon.


V6.00.7210.4155 Support for Paxton Connect Admin (13/08/2018)

  • New – Events – Live events are available to mobile operators via the app. Events are received in real time giving the operator a full overview of activity within the system. Events come with smart search functions to isolate and identify key events within the system.
  • New – Home Screen – The Home Screen contains quick actions and shortcuts for tasks, such as adding a user or generating a roll call report
  • New – Open a door – Send open door commands from a mobile device. Doors are opened via network commands rather than token representation, therefore trigger and action rules are not actioned from the device. Opening a door from the app does not add users to roll call reports.
  • New – Options/App Settings – Management of sites and biometric authentication options.
  • New – Reports – Default Net2 reports are available in the app. Custom reports are not available in the app.
  • New – Roll Call – Generate new and view existing roll call reports. Full roll call management allows users to be marked as safe or missing by operators. Reports sync with multiple devices and lock changes to app operators. Reports created will be stored on the local device so reports can still function when the Net2 server is offline. View additional user information; last known location; image; contact number; calls can be made from the app for users with mobile numbers within their contact record.
  • New – Site Registration – Registration for the Net2 Online service is performed within the options menu of the Net2 software. A site name and email address are the only requirements. Email notifications are sent to users registering for access to keep the apprised of progress
  • New – Software Permissions – The app follows the same permissions model as Net2. The different levels of operator permissions will reflect the features the operator has access to within the app.
  • New – User administration – Full administration of users within a Net2 system, including permissions, token assignation, PIN assignation, access rights and all available fields that are configurable within Net2






V5.04.6918.5578 (Security update 2) (22/05/2018)

  • Improvements – Card Designer – Custom operators will not be able to view live data when using the Card Designer software as this data displays all users within the system. Card Designer may still be used to design card templates and associate these templates with users.
  • Improvements – Viewing Events – A warning message will be displayed when selecting to view events as part of the custom operator permissions. Operators with view event capabilities, are able to view all events within the system. Foe sites with CCTV integration, this can mean that video footage can be viewed for events not associated with the tenant’s permissions.


V5.04.6818.4542 (Security update 1) (23/04/2018)

  • Fixed – Critical security update to login screen for Timeline and CardDesigner applications in line with GDPR regulations
  • Firmware Update – Paxlock firmware fix for EM4100 tokens and improved binding sequence


V5.04.6411.3802 (Service Release 3) (22/12/2017)

  • Improvements – Net2 PaxLock – New Event – Factory reset input stuck.
  • Improvements – Net2 PaxLock – New Event – Hardware error, likely fault.
  • Improvements – Net2 PaxLock – New Event – Hardware warning possible fault.
  • Improvements – Net2 PaxLock – New Event – Onsecure-side handle stuck.
  • Improvements – Net2 PaxLock – New Event – Secure-side handle stuck


V5.04.6217.4336 (Service Release 2) (17/10/2017)

  • Fixed – We have identified a potential security issue and as a precaution you should upgrade


V5.04.6216.3367 (Service Release 2) (16/10/2017)

  • Improvements – Security updates


V5.04.5808.4548 (Service Release 1) (30/06/2017)


V5.04.5612.5750 (18/04/2017)

  • New – Ability to disable Alarm events
  • New – Advance date/time facility in reports
  • New – Data protection settings
  • New – Optional Strong Password setting for Operators
  • New – Report filter for door events
  • New – Report on Access
  • Improvements – Custom days date ranges
  • Improvements – Demo software update
  • Improvements – Disabled unused double tap events
  • Improvements – Updates to Entry Trigger and Action rules



V5.03.5214.4513 (Service Release 6) (16/12/2016)


V5.03.4928.5995 (Service Release 5) (10/10/2016)


v5.03.4427.3364 (Service Release 4) (17/05/2016)

  • New – SDK Advanced Permissions support
  • Improvements – CSV import functionality reworked


v5.03.4114.4205 (Service Release 3) (03/03/2016)

  • New – HID support for PaxLock US
  • Fixed – KB2429 – When using Advance Permissions with multiple Access Levels, the bar user function only removes the first Access Level
  • Firmware Update – Net2 PaxLock US


v5.03.4008.6211 (Service Release 2) (17/12/2015)

  • New – Support for Windows 10


v5.03.3529.7733 (Service Release 1) (30/07/2015)

  • Fixed – We have identified a potential security issue and as a precaution you should upgrade to v5.03 service release


v5.03.3503.5214 (Service Release 1) (09/07/2015)

  • Improvements – KB 1850 – Automatic roll call failing- events database fragmentation
  • Improvements – Benelux – Translation table update
  • Improvements – Double tap trigger
  • Improvements – Fire alarm automatic reset doesn”t work with exit button input
  • Improvements – PaxLock/Easyprox update cycle
  • Improvements – Reinstate screen displays firmware version number
  • Improvements – SSL for Net2 Access control Emails
  • Improvements – Time outs for triggers and actions
  • Improvements – Wireless channel changing for Easyprox and Net2 Nano


v5.03.2818.3674 (16/01/2015)

  • New – Net2 PaxLock US support



v5.02.2525.4988 (Service Release 1) (24/09/2014)

  • Fixed – We have identified a potential security issue and as a precaution you should upgrade to v5.02 service release


v5.02.2516.5853 (23/09/2014)

  • Improvements – Copy Data now allowed for Access rights tab in user and door pages
  • Improvements – CSV import functionality
  • Improvements – Manually adding a device now allows a name to be added alongside a serial number
  • Improvements – Reduced confusion in firmware numbering by providing a firmware status



v5.01.2102.4802 (02/05/2014)

  • Fixed – We have identified a potential security issue and as a precaution you should upgrade to v5.01 service release


v5.01.1828.5575 (03/03/2014)

  • New – Automatic alerts for Timesheet entries
  • New – Automatic Summer/winter time change
  • New – Clocked in and Whos in reports now available in user interface
  • New – Control a bi-directional turnstile with a single ACU
  • New – Custom day scheduling
  • New – Door open wizard enhancements
  • New – Email a report, including fire roll call
  • New – Graphical update for software, including Timesheet
  • New – iEVO biometric enrolment improvements
  • New – Landlord Tenant/Flexible operator Permissions
  • New – Net2 can now default to a language other than English
  • New – New – XP/Server 2003 no longer supported
  • New – New languages supported (Spanish-Mexican and French Canadian)
  • New – Paxlock ACUs can be used in 50k user mode
  • New – Print ID card by department
  • New – Reset fire alarm automatically
  • New – SDK updates to Net4.0
  • New – Support for new Entry Events (v2.11 and above)
  • New – Support for Windows 8
  • New – Suspend token on 3 incorrect PINS
  • New – Temporary Access permissions
  • New – Triggers and actions: Copy Rule
  • New – Video integration platform
  • Improvements – The database has been updated to SQL 2012 Express
  • Improvements – Triggers and actions: 6 new actions




Net2 V4.28.8417 Release (26/07/2013)


Net2 V4.28.8208 Release (16/05/2013)

  • New – Windows 8 support (Internet connection required)
  • Improvements – The database has been updated to SQL 2008 Express


Net2 V4.27.7614 Release (15/11/2012)

  • Improvements – Triggers & Actions


Net2 V4.26.7525 Release (26/10/2012)

  • New – iEvo fingerprint desktop reader integration
  • New – iEvo fingerprint integration
  • Improvements – Bridge online/offline events and icons
  • Improvements – Swedish application notes added
  • Improvements – Wireless device status: “Powersave” is displayed in place of “Asleep” and the last known signal strength is shown
  • Improvements – Wireless device status: Devices no longer show as ”Offline” until three hours with no communication to the server has passed


Net2 V4.25.7301 Release (03/08/2012)

  • Fixed – Detect button in Net2Air Bridges tab stops detecting.
  • Fixed – Net2 server doesn”t use any bridges unless nano or PaxLock manually added


Net2 V4.25.7211.Release (13/07/2012)

  • New – Device type icon on ACU screen
  • New – Lock ACU”s when not in commissioning mode
  • New – Entry compatibility
  • New – Report grouping
  • Improvements – Ability to select a trigger with no action in order to log an event
  • Improvements – Timesheet will now ignore multiple clocking in/out entries if they are less than 5 seconds apart


Net2 V4.24.7108 Release (08/06/2012)

  • New – Advanced Permissions
  • New – Channel Changing
  • New – Door Grouping
  • Improvements – ”Only unlock door…” feature now only unlocks when a user is granted access inside the associated timezone
  • Improvements – Communication optimisation
  • Improvements – Configuration Utility: Net2Air Bridges
  • Improvements – Live events filtering
  • Improvements – TCP/IP nodes now stored in database
  • Improvements – Timesheet: Public Holiday importing
  • Improvements – Token number field now appears in Events view
  • Improvements – Triggers and Actions: Control Relay 2
  • Improvements – Triggers and Actions: Timed delays
  • Improvements – Triggers and Actions: Toggling ACU relays


Net2 V4.23.6916 Release (18/04/2012)

  • Fixed – Door can remain unlocked
  • Fixed – Hitag wakeup by PIR is 5 seconds instead of 1.
  • Firmware Update – Net2 PaxLock


Net2 V4.23.6826 Release (26/03/2012)


Net2 V4.23.6717 Release (22/02/2012)

  • Fixed – “Errors have occurred” message on Net2 Anywhere after requesting events


Net2 V4.23.6703 Release (06/02/2012)

  • New – Net2 Anywhere
  • New – Net2 PaxLock compatibility


Net2 V4.22.6509 Release (12/12/2011)

  • New – Pelco Endura compatibility
  • Improvements – Easyprox nano functionality


Net2 V4.22.6213 Release (16/09/2011)

  • New – Net2 Go Pro


Net2 V4.21.5927 Release (27/06/2011)

  • New – 200 concurrent TCP/IP devices
  • New – Caller ID token type and number truncating
  • New – I/O Board replacement
  • New – Security Lockdown
  • New – Texecom Intruder Alarm integration
  • New – Two Locks on One Door
  • New – Wiegand 26-bit with site code
  • New – Wiegand and Net2 Nano compatibility
  • Improvements – Triggers and Actions: 3 new actions
  • Improvements – Triggers and Actions: 8 new triggers
  • Improvements – Triggers and Actions: new setup wizard
  • Feature Request – Ability to add a custom card data format when using Net2 nano
  • Feature Request – Ability to set a T&A rule to send an email when the battery is low
  • Feature Request – Ability to set up a rule that will advise when a Keypad Hacker event has been generated
  • Feature Request – I/O board relays to operate by Timezones in same way ACUs can.
  • Feature Request – Selecting a specific time to trigger an output and able to select a Time Zone this applies during.
  • Feature Request – The option to loop the wav file for a set amount of times
  • Feature Request – When an alarm is set to play on the Server PC the option to have this running continuously.




Net2 V4.19.5507 Release (09/02/2011)

  • Improvements – Change activation code text box to four boxes
  • Improvements – Insert Net2 config utility option for disabling the ‘Buy tokens’ link
  • Improvements – Make activation tab only visible by a user with system engineer access level
  • Improvements – Remove pre-population of installer key
  • Improvements – Show installer details if present even with no internet connection
  • Improvements – Un-registering a site only by an engineer (button only)
  • Improvements – US Translations


Net2 V4.19.5317 Release (17/12/2010)

  • New – Additional Pelco DVRs (DX 45/4600 and 8100) integrated
  • Improvements – Activation details to be refreshed if changed every 7 days automatically
  • Improvements – Blue spinning circles 6 and replaced with number of pending messages
  • Improvements – New type of Easyprox scheduled wake-up event added to show “failed” scheduled wake-ups


Net2 V4.19.5215 Release (22/11/2010)

  • New – Net2 Activation
  • Improvements – Updated to Milestone SDK v3.5 – added support for H.264 Codec


Net2 V4.18.4902 Release (16/08/2010)

  • Fixed – Anti-passback reset failure
  • Fixed – Cardlock firmware change for Net2 Nano
  • Fixed – Timed Anti-passback not working
  • Fixed – User name missing from denied PIN events
  • Firmware Update – Net2 Nano


Net2 V4.18.4801 Release (01/07/2010)

  • Improvements – New Pelco drivers and API
  • Fixed – No user for ‘Token + PIN’ or ‘Token + Code’ nano events
  • Fixed – Unable to edit Exacq Vision port
  • Firmware Update – Net2 Nano


Net2 V4.18.4613 Release (25/05/2010)

  • New – Exacq DVR integration
  • New – Sagem compatibility
  • New – Wiegand Keypad support


Net2 V4.17.4514 Release (20/04/2010)

  • Improvements – Easyprox nano battery performance and functionality


Net2 V4.17.4424 Release (30/03/2010)

  • New – Easyprox nano battery indicator
  • New – Net2 Log Collector


Net2 V4.16.4220 Release (20/01/2010)

  • Improvements – IO Boards
  • Fixed – 1st January not showing in holiday chart
  • Fixed – Site Graphics issues
  • Fixed – SQL Timeout issue
  • Firmware Update – None


Net2 V4.16.4117 Release (18/12/2009)

  • New – Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit OS) compatibility
  • Improvements – Anti passback
  • Improvements – IO Boards (detection/configuration/4s)


Net2 V4.16.4012 Release (12/11/2009)

  • New – Mace and Pelco DVR Support.
  • Improvements – Desktop reader token reading.
  • Improvements – I/O board robustness.
  • Improvements – Net2 nano communications.


Net2 V4.16.3829 Release (05/10/2009)


Net2 V4.16.3815 Release (17/09/2009)


Net2 V4.16.3720 Release (20/08/2009)

  • New – Duplicate PINs are now supported (For token + PIN mode only).
  • New – When using only Net2 plus control units on a site, it is now possible to enable support for up to 50,000 users, and custom length PINs (4-8 digits).


Net2 V4.15.3616 Release (17/07/2009)

  • New – Added support for new USB Desktop Reader with additional Mifare and Hitag 1 support.
  • Fixed – Delete token/user issue with Net2 plus.


Net2 V4.15.3525 Release (29/06/2009)

  • New – Added an automatic software update checker to end of install process.
  • New – Added support for Easyprox nano control units.
  • New – Support for Polish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Fixed – 2 I/O board detection and configuration.
  • Fixed – Configuration of Ethernet to Net2Air bridge when being used across a WAN.


Net2 V4.14.3231 Release (01/04/2009)

  • New – Net2 Plus support


Net2 V4.13.3124 Release (25/02/2009)

Firmware Update – Version 4.13.3124 includes an update to the ACU firmware. As part of the update, the firmware will be automatically be updated. Please note that this can take several minutes per ACU on the system, and until the update is complete, the Net2 software cannot be used. The control units will continue to function correctly, during the update, with the exception of the particular ACU which is being updated at anytime.


Net2 V4.13.2706 Release (08/10/2008)


Net2 V4.13.2521 Release (26/08/2008)


Net2 V4.13.2415 Release (16/07/2008)

  • New – A new ‘User image verification’ tool has now been added to Net2, which allows an operator to monitor a door and view the user image of users as they pass through it.
  • New – DVR Camera integration now allows multiple DVR’s to be connected.
  • New – Net2 now supports dataline connectivity via the USB/485 converter.
  • New – New feature – Net2 Timeline.
  • New – New feature – User record VCF export/import.


Net2 V4.12.2031 Release (02/04/2008)

  • Fixed – Custom card formats were not upgraded correctly. Systems that upgraded, and were using custom card formats, could have resulted in cards not working. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Firmware Update – Version 4.12 includes an update to ACU firmware. As part of the update, the firmware will be automatically be updated. Please note that this can take several minutes per ACU on the system, and until the update is complete, the Net2 software cannot be used. The control units will continue to function correctly, during the update, with the exception of the particular ACU which is being updated at anytime.


Net2 V4.12.2026 Release (26/03/2008)

  • Fixed – Clicking the ‘Print Card’ button on a user’s record did not work. This problem has been resolved.
  • Fixed – Net2 channels incorrectly displayed their channel type as a USB channel. This has now been fixed.
  • Firmware Update – Version 4.12 includes an update to ACU firmware. As part of the update, the firmware will be automatically be updated. Please note that this can take several minutes per ACU on the system, and until the update is complete, the Net2 software cannot be used. The control units will continue to function correctly, during the update, with the exception of the particular ACU which is being updated at anytime.


Net2 V4.12.2017 Release (19/03/2008)

  • New – Net2 now supports integration with Dedicated Micros NetVu Connected products.
  • New – Net2 now supports integration with Sony’s new ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera.
  • New – The Milestone feature used to be enabled by running the Milestone remote client installation on the server PC. It can now be enabled simply by selecting the ‘Milestone’ feature on the Server Configuration’s Features tab.
  • New – The roll call feature used to rely on a Net2 user interface running. The roll call engine is now located in the Net2 Server and can be made to print automatically in the event of an incident.
  • New – The Server Configuration utility now allows any System Engineer to log in.
  • New – There is now an option, available through the Server, to disable the Net2 Server from starting automatically at Windows start-up. When automatic start-up is disabled, the Net2 Server will be started by the Net2 user interface, when it is run, and automatically shut down when the Net2 UI is closed. This will only work when the Net2 UI is run on the same PC that the Net2 Server is installed onto.


Net2 V4.11 Release (10/12/2007)

  • New – Add ‘Purge User’ to OEM Client library.
  • New – The Net2 Card Designer is a new addition to the Net2 software. It allows card templates to be created, associated with users and printed.
  • New – USB WebCam Capture provides a simple way to capture a user’s image and add it to their user record.


Net2 V4.09 Release (01/10/2007)

  • New – An OEM interface is now available.
  • New – Enhanced camera integration, now with support for Milestone, OnSSI and the JVC VR-N900U
  • New – New language support for Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish and Portuguese.
  • New – The Net2 user interface now has a new Event Viewer, which allows faster, more configurable viewing of events.
  • New – The server configuration tool has 2 new options; Display reader LED’s in OEM style and Hide reader LED’s.
  • New – The server has been made compatible with the UDS1100 Ethernet adapter.
  • New – The token type can now be set, to allow better identification of the tokens a user has.
  • New – There is a new ‘self healing’ feature, where the data in the ACU is restored automatically, in the event of memory corruption.


Net2 V4.08 Release (01/07/2007)

  • Fixed – There was a problem selecting the default printer with Roll Call, when a card printer was also used on the system. This used to give a ‘Column too narrow’ error message. This has been resolved.


Net2 V4.07 Release (01/03/2007)

  • New – Net2 is now compatible with Microsoft Vista
  • New – The Net2 Communications Server now supports up to 50 datalines. A dataline can have up to 200 control units, however, there is a total ACU limit of 500 units.
  • New – Timesheet is now a standard feature. (Previously it was only available in the Professional version)
  • New – Wiegand format support is now a standard feature. (Previously it was only available in the Professional version)
  • Improvements – It is now possible to specify the reader operating mode whilst the intruder alarm is armed. For instance, you may require card + PIN to disarm the alarm, but card only for normal access, once the alarm has been disarmed.
  • Improvements – PIN’s were previously limited to the range 1000 – 9999. From V4.07 we have increased the range to be from 0001 – 9999.
  • Improvements – Translations for all languages have now been updated. We have also included language support for Greek.


Net2 V4.06 Release (01/12/2006)

  • Improvements – The database has been updated to SQL 2005
  • Improvements – When integrated with Milestone, the users image and name are now shown on the video view.


Net2 V4.05 Release (01/09/2006)

  • Improvements – All server error messages are now logged to the system event log.
  • Improvements – Multiple alarms can be acknowledged at the same time.
  • Improvements – Multiple phrase updates for all supported foreign languages.
  • Improvements – Right clicking on a department, in the Net2 tree view, allows Properties to be selected. This in turn allow the activation and expiration dates to be set for the entire department.
  • Improvements – The ACU firmware update process has been improved to prevent multiple ACU’s from going into download mode. On occasion, this has previously happened, requiring ACU’s to be individually re-instated.
  • Improvements – The Intruder Alarm ‘Arming period’ has been restricted to 120 seconds.
  • Improvements – The Net2 user record now allows the card type to be specified by right clicking on a users card, in their record.
  • Improvements – The Net2 version is now stored in the database for better consistency checking.
  • Improvements – The Timesheet ‘Transfer Holiday’ function is now limited to Supervisor or System Engineer operators.
  • Improvements – There is now better PIN checking on a user record. Previously, alpha numeric pins could be entered, which subsequently caused an error to occur. The pin must now be in the range 1000-9999.
  • Improvements – There is now support for EM4100 tokens, using the new Paxton Desktop Reader.


Net2 V4.04 Release (30/05/2006)

  • Improvements – An ACU detect is now automatically performed when the Net2 Server starts up.
  • Improvements – Previously ACU’s could only be deleted from the system one at a time. It is now possible to select multiple ACU’s, and delete them on mass.
  • Improvements – The ‘Find User’ button has been disabled for ‘Events only’ operators.
  • Improvements – The maximum working day value has been increased from 12 hours to 18 hours, so prevent Timesheet problems for people working long days.
  • Improvements – The number of rings, before the modem accepts a connection is now configurable.
  • Improvements – There is now support for Arabic and Russian languages.
  • Improvements – User Export creates a CSV (Comma-separated values) file. The values are now encapsulated in quotes, to avoid problems where a value could itself contain a comma; such as “All day, every day”


Net2 V4.03 Release (06/03/2006)

  • Improvements – Japanese language support has been updated.
  • Improvements – Roll call can now be run from a ‘Standard’ operator login.


Net2 V4.02 Release (13/02/2006)

  • Improvements – Language support has been updated.
  • Improvements – The detection and configuration of the Net2 485 TCP/IP ethernet interface (655-861) has been improved.
  • Fixed – The automatic printing of the Roll Call report was not working. This has now been fixed.
  • Removed – The 5 client limit in Timesheet has been removed.


Net2 V4.01 Release (12/12/2005)

  • Improvements – Language support has been updated.
  • Fixed – If multiple areas were defined, the roll call feature only worked correctly, if the report was generated for the first area which had been created. This normally resulted in an empty roll call list. This problem has now been resolved.
  • Fixed – The Import Users wizard displayed a black rectangle on its initial page, when run on Windows XP. This has been fixed.


Net2 V4.00 Release (16/11/2005)

  • New – Net2 V4.00 release


Are you a Paxton10 installer? A more comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements for each software update can be found on the Extranet. If you have forgotten your login, please contact our Support team.