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In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made some changes to promote good health & wellbeing for our employees whilst ensuring we continue to offer the high level of service you have come to expect from us. With most Paxton employees now working from home, we are confident you will see little change to working with us.

Read on to see what support we have put in place for you…

New 30-minute Webinars

In our new half hour webinar; What’s new with Net2? you can get up to speed with the very latest in our flagship system and be ready to offer something new to your customers. Taking place twice a week, every week, at 12pm Tuesdays and 4pm Thursdays, the webinar includes:

Net2Online – flexible and remote site management via your browser
Paxton Connect – user-friendly app for remote access on the go
Web API – more integration opportunities to make the most of your system
What’s new with door entry – find out about the brand new Entry Standard monitor


Register for your Net2 session


Ordering Paxton Products

Due to excellent relationships with our suppliers and we do not currently foresee any significant delays to the availability of our products.

However, we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will update you promptly if anything should change. If you have a product order or query, please contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.



Technical Support Are Still Available

Our Technical Support team is ready and waiting to take your call. While we have scheduled some of our team to work remotely, you won’t notice any difference in the level of support and service you get from us.

Our team are here to help you six days a week.

Mon – Fri 9am-9pm & Sat 11am – 3pm UTC+2


Get in touch

Your Paxton Sales Team Are Still On Hand to Support You

Paxton is still open for business and we’re ready to meet you online today! Your Account Manager is available for remote meetings to discuss your upcoming projects and provide sales and system support.

If you already had a meeting scheduled, your Account Manager will be in touch to discuss the new arrangements.

Get in touch at sales@paxtonaccess.co.za to book your virtual sales meeting.

If you need support and aren’t sure who your Account Manager is, you can find them here.

Remote In-Person Training

We are continuing our commitment to live installer training. Simply email training@paxtonaccess.co.za and our experienced team of Paxton trainers can schedule a remote training class dedicated to your needs.

Choose if:

You have a live opportunity but require training to close
You are looking for live interaction and Q&A
You want a virtual classroom with a dedicated teacher
You have some colleagues you would like to join
You have specific training needs

Start Online Training Today

Face-to-face training sessions are currently on hold, but you can still get fully trained on Net2, door entry with Net2, wireless access control, Net2 plus and Net2 software and more. Register today and we’ll give you 30 days license free access.

Choose if:

You want self-paced online courses you can jump in and out of
You’re looking for individual learning
You don’t need a live Q&A with a Paxton expert

Register for online training

Your Paxton Resources

Don’t forget that you have access to a bank of ready-made resources available here on our website under the ‘Install Paxton’ tab for you to use whenever you like – it’s your must-have toolkit for installing and quoting.

You’ll find product brochures, product videos and tutorials, technical documentation, software downloads and more.

Make sure you also check out ourLinkedIn and Twitter pages for the latest updates information.

See your resources


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Customer Support Availability – 25/03/2020

Remote In-Person Training – 25/03/2020

30-Days License Free Online Training – 25/03/2020

Your Paxton Sales Team – 25/03/2020

Your Free Resources – 25/03/2020




1. What changes have Paxton made to ensure the wellbeing of their employees and their customers?
In line with best practice recommendations on staying home and social distancing, the majority of our employees are now working from home. This includes customer support, training, sales and marketing communications working from home. The core staff remaining at our premises are adhering to strict social distancing guidelines.

2. With employees working remotely, will the level of service you can provide be affected?
No, not at all. As a technology company we are well set up to use technology to our advantage to maintain excellent customer service whilst ensuring the utmost comfort & wellbeing of our Paxton team.

3. Can we expect any further changes at Paxton, as the situation progresses?
Please be assured, we are monitoring the situation daily to ensure any changes required can be implemented quickly with minimum disruption. As a technology company with a track record in responding dynamically to changing events, we are well placed to adapt while maintaining business as usual practices.

4. Can I still get support from my local Paxton Account Manager?
While in-person meetings have been temporarily postponed, Paxton are open for business. Our team of Paxton experts are ready for remotes meetings and can offer customers support on:
• Sales support
• Product demos & system overviews
• Project planning
• Quoting and commissioning support

Simply send us an email at sales@paxtonaccess.co.za and we’ll process and schedule your meeting within 48 hours. Then we’ll send you the details and meet you online.

5. Is free installer training still available?
Yes, Paxton training is also available online via self-paced courses on the Paxton Learning Portal. We are currently running a 30-day licence free offer, so your online training will still be completely free.

6. How do I register for the Paxton Learning Portal?
There’s just three easy steps to take before you can start your online training…
Step 1 – Register for online training using the form, here: https://www.paxton-access.com/za/paxton-learning-portal
Step 2 – You will receive an email containing your login details for the online training platform.
Step 3 – Login to online training at any time to complete modules on Net2, Entry, and PaxLock systems.

7. What online courses are available?
You can come away from online training ready to install the full suite of Net2, networked access control products with confidence.

Modules include, but are not limited to,:

• Door entry with Net2
• Wireless access control
• Net2 plus
• Net2 software

8. Are your Support team still on hand if I have questions or technical issues?
Yes, our Customer Support teams around the world are ready and waiting to take your call. While we have setup the majority of our team to work remotely, you won’t notice any difference in the level of support you get from us, or in the time it takes to answer your call.

9. How do I reach the Customer Support team?

The contact details for Support have not changed. You can find them on our Contact Us page.

10. Will product supply be affected by the current situation?
As a UK based manufacturer with excellent relationships with our suppliers we do not currently foresee any significant delays to the availability of Paxton products.

However, we are monitoring the situation daily and will promptly update you if anything should change.

11. Where can I stay up to date with the latest news from Paxton during this time?
We will share all updates with subscribers to our newsletter, as soon as there is news to share. If you’re not yet subscribed, you can do so here.

You can also follow our LinkedIn and Twitter pages for all the latest Paxton news and updates as well as handy hints and tips for quoting & installing security solutions.

12. Can I still get access to Paxton product information and literature, so I can prepare for upcoming projects?
Absolutely! Our brand-new website is packed with helpful information and answers to the most frequently asked questions so you can get your job done easily and still offer your customers the highest level of service.

Things to look out for:

Installer resources (in the ‘Install’ Paxton section) – your must-have toolkit for fitting and quoting Paxton products. Here you’ll find product brochures, product videos and tutorials, technical documentation and software downloads

Products & solutions – a handy guide to the benefits and uses of our core systems; Net2 and Standalone

Who uses Paxton – real world examples and tips and tricks for quoting Paxton at a range of sites

13. What other content is available?

You can also find a range of helpful videos from product overviews to demos on our Paxton YouTube channel? Watch online to brush up on your product knowledge or why not share them with your customers via your own social media channels?