Door entry

The complete door entry solution

Door entry allows you to recognise a visitor calling at the main entrance before granting them access to your building. Our Entry system can work standalone or alongside our access control systems Net2 and Paxton10.

Great for:

  • Just 3 components: monitor, panel and door controller
  • Compatible with Paxton, MIFARE® and HID™ 125kHz Proximity tokens, when enabled using Genuine HID Technology™ 125kHz
  • IP and PoE technology for easy expansion
  • All panels available in flush, surface and rain-hood versions – suitable for a range of environments
  • Entry Premium monitor available with a host of new features including free concierge management and personalisation options
  • Personalise the Entry Touch panel with multiple theme options and contact images for quick visual recognition
  • Intruder alarm integration – set the alarm in Net2 from the Entry panel for extra convenience
  • SIP compatibility – the door can be answered from smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Add a secondary IP camera to the system for higher security sites
  • Pan/tilt camera functionality on the panels to capture an angled view
  • Panels have a low light sensitivity camera – ideal for use day or night
  • Video voicemail enables visitors to leave a video message

New! Entry Standard monitor

The latest addition to the Entry range offers a feature rich and cost-effective solution for a range of applications. Compatible with Net2 systems, or working as part of a standalone door entry solution, the new monitor is the ideal option for any site.

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How it works

Our door entry system, Entry comprises three simple components; external panel, door control unit and internal monitor handset. On approaching your building, visitors call via the bell button on the external panel. Once you have recognised the caller via either the audio or full colour, smart audio/video monitor, you can grant or deny access as appropriate.

Watch our video to see the benefits of a complete system and all its components.

Networked or Standalone, which is right for you?


The Entry system can installed alongside Net2 access control or with Paxton10, access control and video management, combining door entry with the key features of our wider security solutions. When using with Net2 or Paxton10 users can unlock additional features such as intruder alarm integration and answering the door from a SIP compatible door plus, centralised management. Installing on a network alongside Net2 or Paxton10 is particularly beneficial for larger sites wanting additional reporting features.


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Entry can also be utilised in standalone mode for quick, simple installation and easy user management with our standard enrolment and shadow cards. The system is flexible and can still be utilised with our other standalone products to build an entire easy-to-use system supporting the same tokens across the site. The system can grow in line with requirements and be upgraded to an online Net2 solution, with no hidden costs.


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Not sure if Entry is right for you?

Have a look at some existing Paxton sites to see how the Net2 system can be adapted to meet a range of diverse requirements.

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