Video surveillance

Video surveillance provides increased site security with a visual overview of what is happening at your premises.

A camera system can offer an increased sense of security and reassurance that your premises are protected. In the case of an attempted breach, video footage will provide you with evidence and possible identification. Video cameras can also act as an effective deterrent against potential security violations.

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Why do I need it?

Video surveillance offers increased security with a visual overview of your premises. Convenient and flexible, video surveillance goes hand in hand with access control to provide a complete security solution for your building.

Installing a video surveillance system means that you can see a visual overview of events at your premises. Watch real time footage or export historical video files to maintain complete peace of mind that you have a visual record of any access attempts or potential breaches of security.

Our Paxton10 system combines access control and video management to give you a versatile security system that supports global remote access.

How does it work?

Our Paxton10 system combines access control with video surveillance and management on a single platform, however it can also be run as a dedicated video surveillance system.

Users can access their system via the online web user interface from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, or manage their system on the go with the Paxton Connect app. The video management functionality of Paxton10 collects and stores the video captured by the cameras installed on site, and provides an interface to view both live video and access recorded footage.

The software makes it easy to access video footage with an extensive range of functionality, including motion detection, video export, bookmarking and smart search. The footage can also be linked to access events to provide a comprehensive record of the movement of users, visitors and vehicles around the site.


Paxton10 – access control & video management

Paxton10 combines access control and video management to make overseeing the security of your site perfectly simple. From one easy to use platform, you can restrict access to your building and control your video surveillance system.

Typical applications

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Healthcare facilities


Video footage from your Paxton10 cameras will provide you with a comprehensive visual overview of your site, linking access events to relevant recorded video. Paxton10 futureproofs your site’s security with ultimate simplicity built in.


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Third party IP cameras

Already have third party IP cameras installed? Paxton10 is still the ideal choice.

The system supports all leading brands of IP video cameras, which can be easily integrated using a Paxton10 Video Controller.

One video controller provides storage and processing for up to four third-party IP cameras, whilst maintaining all the functionality of the Paxton10 Door Controller. A single Paxton10 system can include up to 250 video controllers, to allow you to integrate up to 1000 third party cameras with your Paxton10 system.


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