SBE Logistics

Net2 Access Control Provides Flexible Access Management for Staff at SBE Logistics

Located in Saint Léonard, France, SBE is one of the leading European organisations in electronic service, repair and aftersales support. With 600 employees, the group’s factories handle more than three million devices a year from across Europe, from mobile phones to digital cameras and TVs. SBE has three European technical centres, each with a call centre and several high-tech production facilities.


SBE required a flexible access control solution that would allow them to secure external access to their buildings and workshops. Their existing access control system needed to be updated. Due to the substantial number of employees accessing their premises on a daily basis, SBE wanted to ensure they had a database that would keep track of the movement of people across the five buildings across three sites.


The Net2 system was really easy to use. A few days are enough to get to grips with the basics of the system and within a month we knew all of the settings to achieve maximum impact for our business

– Simon Ezeque, SBE



SBE requested the help of installation company, Domotic Opale, who recommended Net2 access control with Entry, Paxton’s video door entry system, to provide flexible visitor management and a user friendly interface.

Net2 is a simple and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any site straightforward. Sébastien Choquet, Manager at Domotic Opale, said: “This is our first time installing Net2, and the installation went very smoothly. SBE needed to streamline security by setting employee access permissions to areas such as the server, workshops, stock rooms and offices. We knew the Net2 system was the right choice because, as well as access control, it offers the ability to provide them with an event log and daily report to keep track of any fraudulent entry attempts. SBE also required multi-user management, the Net2 system is now installed on four PCs for convenience.”

Net2 allows employees and site visitors to be easily added or removed from the system, access permissions can be set for the specific times in which they need to gain access. The Net2 system provides the management team at SBE with alerts when unauthorised tokens are used in an attempt to gain access to the buildings, increasing the level of security during unmanned hours.

The Net2 system, alongside Entry, has provided SBE with an increased level of security for the workshops on their sites. The Timezones feature in Net2 is used to enable specific areas to remain open during hours when workshops are in use, these zones are then automatically secured when the building is empty.

Simon Ezeque, Methods Manager at SBE, said: “The Net2 system has provided a greater sense of security for our customers’ equipment, because it enables us to manage access permissions for individual employees and secure different zones separately – including access to the workshops, stock rooms and offices. It is the perfect solution for us.”

With plans to aquire additional premises in the near future, the scalability of Net2 presents the opportunity for simple expansion. As their business continues to grow, their Net2 system can adapt to accommodate SBE’s requirements.


Type of site

  • Commercial – Electronic repairs and support



  • Saint Léonard, France


Number of users/doors

  • 3 sites
  • 50 doors
  • 600 users


Solution required

  • Streamline employee access
  • Manage movement across three sites
  • Secure workshops and stock rooms



  • Increased security during unmanned
  • Access to specific areas controlled by
  • Monitoring fraudulent entry attempts


Paxton products used

  • Net2 plus
  • Entry standard panel
  • Entry monitor
  • Net2 Pro Software