Paxton Flex to Support Staff and Installers Amid Coronavirus

Brighton – 1st April 2020


Paxton has put together an action plan to promote good health and wellbeing for their employees and customers during the Coronavirus pandemic. Paxton are open for business and can confirm that they will remain fully functional to support installers to help their businesses continue prospering. Steps have been taken to facilitate remote working and social distancing to minimise the impact of the virus on the business and maintain a high level of customer service.

Paxton understand that for many installers this will be a worrying time for future and current projects, but the company is clear on its position and they want to make sure their customers know how they can access their help and resources.

Sales and Technical Support are still available either online or at the end of a phone with no disruption to normal service. Paxton would also like to reassure installers that the company’s supply chain is still strong and mostly unaffected by the virus. At this stage there is no significant delay for installers placing orders of Paxton products.

To further support installers and keep employees safe, many Paxton staff are now working from home. The company has invested in remote technology and equipment to reduce the impact and maintain productivity.

For those customers that require training for specific upcoming installations, all face to face training has been postponed until the end of April and switched out for online training sessions instead. Paxton have even made their online training modules completely FREE for a month to make it easy for installers to get started. Installers can sign up today for modules including:

  • Door entry with Net2 access control
  • Wireless access control
  • Net2 plus
  • Net2 access control software
  • Paxton10 access & video

Within the first few days of Paxton launching their Coronavirus Customer Support Campaign, over 200 installers signed up for online training with the number continuing to rise hourly. Global Training Manager, Steven Woodbridge said: “Rolling out additional training resources has been a key priority for the team, and we have seen a huge increase in the number of installers using our training portal. We are also keen to support those who need tailored training sessions and encourage them to make contact so we can help them plan accordingly and offer a virtual classroom experience with a dedicated teacher”.
Additionally, the Paxton team have developed an online resource of all their materials in one place, making it simple for their customers to get access to their knowledge base, tutorial videos, case studies and promotional content. (For resources follow this link)

As a technology company with a track record in responding dynamically to changing events, Paxton will be monitoring the situation daily and will adapt working practices to support and offer guidance to customers throughout the pandemic.

Adam Stroud, Paxton CEO said: “I’d like to thank everyone for their help and cooperation during this challenging time. It has been so rewarding to see the Paxton team adjusting to this situation with such obvious commitment to the company. Everyone has pulled together during what is a very unusual time for our customers, distributors and partners across the industry to be consistent in what we offer in terms of products and services. We want our customers to know that despite stay-at-home measures, we are open for business and ready to support them in whatever way they need.”

For further information and service updates please monitor the Paxton FAQ page or follow them on one of the following social media channels:


You can also call Paxton on 01273 811 011 or email