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To install Paxton you need to become a Paxton installer. Becoming a registered Paxton installer couldn’t be simpler, it involves just three steps and comes with a host of benefits; including, free technical and sales training, a Knowledge Base of up to date information, 5-year guarantee on all products and our industry-leading Technical Support available to advise you 6 days a week!

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Why work with us?

Easy to quote

  • Build your system one door at a time
  • A range of products to suit any site requirement
  • Scalable system – add doors when the budget is available

Easy to install

  • Plug and play solutions that connect directly to the network
  • Mix and match Net2 products – they are all designed to work together seamlessly
  • Clear instructions and colour coded wiring labels

Easy to work with

  • Industry-leading technical support
  • 5-year guarantee and three step returns policy
  • Free software upgrades and no multiple licence fees

Become a Paxton installer in 3 simple steps

Free system integrator training

Get started with training, our training sessions are running throughout the year to help you grow your business!

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Get your sales tools

We have lots of free tools to help you sell and install, including videos, product brochures and case studies.

Installer Resources

Start quoting

But don’t forget, we have an industry-leading Technical Support team available 6 days a week to help you with all your technical and sales needs.

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Paxton training is very useful. The product has a
good design, and is easy to install and configure.

– Jerry Peete, Data Net Solutions

Free system integrator training

We offer practical training for system integrators for our complete range of networked and door entry products. Sessions are designed to provide you with the essential knowledge needed to install Paxton products quickly and efficiently.

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