Video door entry solution

Comprising just three simple components: external panel, door control unit and internal monitor, our Entry system provides a true plug-and-play solution for your door entry needs.

Entry is compatible with Net2 and Paxton10, or works in Standalone mode.

Great for:

Entry operating modes

Networked or standalone, which is right for you?

How it works

Entry is a door entry system that works standalone or alongside our Net2 and Paxton10 networked access control systems.

Installation is simple, only one type of cable is needed to connect system components. Entry can be fitted using existing Cat5 infrastructure and can connect to an existing IP network.

The components, using IPV6, auto detect on setup, making installation straightforward with no specialist training required. Entry is a true plug-and-play solution; simply connect the components and the system is ready! The external panels read multi-format token technology, including Paxton, MIFARE®, Bluetooth®* and HID™ 125kHz Proximity tokens**.

Installation is flexible, with flush or surface mount panel options allowing you to tailor a solution to any site requirements. With a range of monitors available, including standard, premium and audio options, your Entry system can be tailored to suit any building, whatever the budget.

*When integrated with Paxton10
**When enabled using Genuine HID Technology™

Still not sure Entry is right for you?

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