Paxton launch Net2 update- taking remote site management to the next level

1st May 2020 – Brighton

Paxton’s highly acclaimed networked access control software Net2 receives its latest update. Net2.v6.03 is now live, making remote management and the security of sites more straightforward than ever before. Sites can be easily managed via an internet browser or smartphone app – minimising the need for regular site visits, aiding the social changes that may lay ahead.

With many businesses across all sectors finding ways to adapt to social change, this latest update will prove highly useful. Net2 access control has been enhanced to support installers and end users with the next generation of remote management. Being able to access and secure a site remotely and easily is incredibly valuable for many. Installers can now manage a system via web browser using Net2Online or using the smartphone app Paxton Connect.

Paxton has been developing these recent updates based on customer feedback, following the initial launch of Net2Online & Paxton Connect, last year. Gareth O’Hara, the Chief Sales Officer for Paxton said: “We continue to focus our Web UI and app development by delivering the most useful aspects of our software. V6.03 delivers a number of very useful features for managing site security remotely, features which will be of much benefit for our installers and their customers during the current circumstances and in the future”.

By joining user administration, roll call and reporting, the sophisticated new functionality means installers can exercise a higher level of security and flexibility over site management, when and wherever they are, at the touch of a button.

New and notable for Net2 access control:

  • Lockdown – secures your site at the touch of a button and can quickly disable user access
  • Access Level Management – determines site areas users can access by creating exclusion zones
  • Advance Door Control – opens a door directly from your device wherever you are
  • Timezones – automates access to control movement of people at specific times
  • Event Filters – quickly finds specific events for site management

Net2 access control originally launched in 1999 and has been adopted by millions of users globally. When the security product was being designed and engineered, a clear brief was given- the system needed to make the security management of any building very simple.

Since its launch, Paxton installers have fitted Net2 into a variety of different commercial and domestic sites all over the world. These sites sit across a range of different sectors, meaning they vary greatly in need. This has enabled Net2 to develop into a highly versatile and adaptable system. Throughout its years of product development and enhancement, an emphasis has been put on adapting to changing times. Net2 has consistently seen future proof technology updates that provide relevant solutions to the challenges faced by security installers and their customers.

Chris Birch, a key member of the Net2 development team explains: “Throughout our stringent development process, the installers we have engaged with have emphasised that the security of their empty sites is of utmost importance. We have had great feedback on the system’s ability to be able to lockdown site doors from any device, anywhere. This is proving to be an invaluable new feature for Net2. Being able to do this remotely means our customers will no longer need a member of staff manning the system at all times”.

Paxton Connect, for iOS & Android, and Net2Online are accessible from any device with an internet connection. They are completely free to existing users of Net2 Pro software, offering added convenience at no extra cost.

To find out further information on how Net2 works then check out Paxton’s product video.

The UK security manufacturer are also running free webinars on the new update to support installers and end users so they maximise the potential of the powerful system based on their site requirements.