Video Management

Software: 3S NVR

Description: The 3S Vision NVR/Paxton Net2 integration provides viewing of NVR recorded video for Paxton Net2 door entry/exit events. The integration allows easy configuration of 3S Vision NVR within the Paxton Net2 software to discover and assign cameras to individual doors. Note: Version 1.0 only supports assigning one camera to each individual door. With the integration with 3S NVR and Paxton Net2, users will be able to look at door entry events from recorded NVR video.

Net2 compatibility: v5.01

Languages available: English, Chinese, Spanish

How to buy: www.3svision.com.tw

Contact: Visit www.3svision.com.tw/supp_sales.php or email victoria.warhus@3SVision.com.tw