Sales Code: 121-005-EX

Net2 demo board – Net2 Plus

A smart and useful addition to showrooms
Invaluable for demonstrating Net2

About – The Net2 demo board has been designed for use in showrooms and training rooms. The combination of the graphics and working equipment clearly demonstrates the structure of a Net2 system. They are a great way of presenting Net2 and will prove useful for training and for demonstrating Net2 to potential customers.

The boards are supplied with the equipment installed and all the components needed for connection. User tokens and Net2 software are also included.

They have a black aluminium frame which helps prevent damage to the graphics and means the unit looks professional and smart on your showroom wall.

Installation – There are two keyhole slots on the reverse of the frame. Choose the position, put screws into the wall and hang the board using the keyhole slots. Connect the supplied cable into your PC. Load the software onto the PC.

Operation – Add tokens to the Net2 software. Present a token to the reader and the events will appear in the Net2 software as usual.

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