Hardware: Suprema Biometric Devices

Description:The Suprema integration with Net2 allows Net2 users to add Suprema’s face recognition and fingerprint devices to their Net2 system, expanding the range of credentials from RFID cards and PINs to include biometrics. The Integration supports Net2 users to make use of the Suprema devices’ full functionality and register and manage users easily.

Key benefits & features:

  • Utilise the full functionality of Suprema devices such as device search/addition and firmware upgrades
  • User data synchronisation in real-time, making user management simple and convenient
  • Enrol users directly into Net2 without having to open the Suprema integration application
  • Register users directly from the Suprema device
  • Connect and manage up to 1,000 biometric devices


Net2 compatibility: v6.01 onwards

Documentation and download:

Languages available: English

How to buy: or email: