Here you will find all of our instructions,  if you are looking for datasheets, application notes, schematics or drilling templates use the quick links at the bottom of the page.

ins-60007-GD – 3G Modem Installation Guide
ins-60006-GD – Expansion Controller Installation Guide
ins-60005-GD – Master Controller Installation Guide
ins-40213 – Net2 PaxLock
ins-30231 – PaxLock Pro – Latch
ins-30230 – PaxLock Pro – Mortise
ins-30228 – PaxLock Pro – Latch door Installation jig
ins-30226 – How to use your PaxLock Pro – Latch
ins-30225 – Cylindrical PaxLock Installation Jig
ins-30222 – PaxLock Pro – Mortise door Installation jig
ins-30220 – Entry – Standard Monitor
ins-30219 – Entry Audio monitor
ins-30218 – Net2Air Bridge
ins-30217 – Desktop reader with keyboard output-USB
ins-30216 – Entry Premium Monitor – Quick Start Guide
ins-30215 – Entry – Premium Monitor
ins-30113 – PROXIMITY P series MIFARE® reader
ins-30099 – Hands free keyfob for Net2
ins-30090 – Vandal resistant metal keypad
ins-30081 – Net2 Desktop Reader USB
ins-30080 – Net2 plus control unit
ins-30079 – Net2 USB/RS485 converter
ins-30063 – RJ45 – Reader port connector module/a>
ins-30057 – PROXIMITY backbox reader (2002)
ins-30049 – PROXIMITY metal reader
ins-30040 – PROXIMITY architectural reader
ins-30039 – 2A/12V DC boxed power supply with Net2 ACU
ins-30037 – Hands free keycard for Net2
ins-30027 – Hands free interface
ins-30017 – CARDLOCK reader
ins-30016 – 1A power supply in plastic housing
ins-30011 – Exit buttons
ins-30010 – Switch2 quickstart guide
ins-30003 – PROXIMITY P series compact reader
ins-30002 – PROXIMITY P series reader
ins-30001 – Net2 RS485 TCP/IP ethernet interface – Rev4
ins-20802 – Panel mount Readers UL
ins-20801 – Proximity metal readers UL
ins-20800-US – Proximity readers and Keypads UL
ins-20711 – PROXIMITY vandal proof reader 2nd Gen
ins-20710 – PROXIMITY P200 & P200E metal mount 2nd Gen
ins-20708 – PROXIMITY marine reader 2nd Gen