VideoXpert v3.x


Software: VideoXpert v3.x

Description: Net2 allows the integration of VideoXpert cameras which will provide high quality digital images associated with a Net2 event. This means that when security operators want to see what has caused an alarm or access event, they simply double-click on an event and camera(s) on Pelco VideoXpert VMS will show when the event / alarm occurred.

Key benefits & features when integrated with Paxton:
This integration allows end-users to have a complete solution and bridges the gap between Paxton’s A/C and Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS. Not only can video pass into NET2 but Events and Alarms coming from the A/C can get injected into the VMS system for reporting.

Relevant features within your solution:

  • Control Unit reset
  • System Setting
  • Relay Toggled
  • Door Opened
  • Door Closed
  • Fire Alarm input
  • Door Forced

Additional costs to enable Paxton to integrate with your solution
To enable this solution a license will need to be granted by a Pelco sales employee. The renewal of this license is on a 1-year basis. Please make sure to inquire using “INT-PAXTONVID” as the part number needed.

Net2 compatibility: v6.00 onwards

Languages available: English

How to buy: Solution can be found on Pelco's website: