Visitor Management

Software: Welcome



Welcome® is a solution developed and designed for the registration and management of visitors, contractors, and all the activities that occur at entries and receptions of any type of building, entity or business. It ensures that this first point of contact is agile, efficient and more secure. Welcome® also efficiently manages correspondence, equipment and tools that access the facility.


Key benefits & features: 

The integration between Net2 and Best Technologies Visitor Management System “Welcome®” allows:

  • Synchronization of Employees from Net2 to Welcome®.
  • Synchronization of access levels from Net2 to Welcome®.
  • Grant smart access to the visitor, inheriting employee access data from access control
  • Automatically dismiss visitors in Welcome and Access Control Systems triggered by card on exit gate.
  • Access cards are only activated upon visitor´s entry.
  • The access cards that are assigned to each visitor are automatically disabled at the visitor´s exit.


Compatibility: Net2 Version 5.03 to Version 6.01.8113


Contact: Phone: +57 313 646 9875  | Email: comercial@btwelcome.com / comercial1@btwelcome.com